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ProtoSS base is loaded and initiated using "new ZetaRet_Prototypes()". There are several bases you might choose to use:
protoss.all.js - All ProtoSS functionality, no minimization applied, instance is generated immediately, recommended use
protoss.js - Standard ProtoSS functionality, no minimization applied, no instance
protoss.min.js - Standard ProtoSS functionality, minimization applied, no instance, smallest
protoss.tomin.js - Standard ProtoSS functionality, prepared for minimization, no instance

Additional Files must be preloaded before any other ProtoSS code, it adds polyfill implementation on base prototype primitives, usually not supported on mobile devices or old browsers
protoss.min.js.gz contains protoss.min.js present ProtoSS home screen


examples/protoss_examples.js supports basic inheritance example cases
examples/protoss_examples2.js builds basic game model example
examples/protoss_examples3.js demonstrates interfaces, abstracts and finalization of classes
examples/protoss_examples4.js supports packaging and super name concept
examples/mass.resolve.ProtoSS.js builds mass resolve example based on protoss/ProtoSS.js manager
examples/transform.ProtoSS.XeltoSS.js transform ProtoSS Class to XeltoSS Class in ES6 standard


protoss.all.js uses dox/
protoss.js uses dox/
protoss.min.js uses dox/
protoss.tomin.js uses dox/
dox/examples3_dox.txt documents protoss_examples3.js
dox/examples4_dox.txt documents protoss_examples4.js
dox/hints.txt exposes end case scenarios in OOP js concept
eclipse_templates/eclipse_protoss_templates.xml can be imported in Eclipse suggestion templates, uses "protoss" keyword in javascript context


ProtoSS.js can be found in protoss/ProtoSS.js including documentation, header and interface
XeltoSS.js can be found in xeltoss/XeltoSS.js including documentation, header and interface


Plus (+) stands for added content
Minus (-) stands for removed content
Asterix (*) stands for modified content

It is recommended to add version static property in each branch class, and also in main comment section on top of the class file. Also provide information of the current version in commit title/description.

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