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Getting started

The boilerplate stuff to get the library loaded is as follows:

require_once 'Reddit/Reddit.php';
use \RedditApiClient\Reddit;

To get starting using the API, you instantiate an object of \RedditApiClient\Reddit, like so:

$reddit = new Reddit;

If you want your $reddit object to be logged in, simply pass it a username and a password in the constructor:

$reddit = new Reddit('ProbablyHittingOnYou', 'password1');

From there, consult the \RedditApiClient\Reddit API reference to figure out how to get the data you want.

API Reference

The client uses the following classes to model the data returned by the API. For example, there's a vote() method in the Comment class that means you can upvote a comment simply by calling $comment->vote(1). It's worth having a quick browse through to check out what's possible.