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Utilities integrating Bazel with SonarQube
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Zetten Add sq_project and sonarqube rules
Provide rules which can be used to generate
files and execute analysis of them. Configuration is integrated with
bazel targets for sources and java info, and a repository rule and
binary is provided to execute the Sonar Scanner.
Latest commit 7b84f80 Jun 18, 2019

Bazel-SonarQube integration

Utilities to help analyse Bazel projects with SonarQube.


To aggregate and convert Bazel coverage into SQ's generic coverage XML format:

bazel test <targets> --collect_code_coverage \
  --combined_report=lcov \

The output file (bazel-out/_coverage/_coverage_report.dat) may be given as the value to the analysis property sonar.coverageReportPaths, or added as a Bazel target to use in the analysis rules.

Executing analysis

To execute a SonarQube analysis of a Bazel project, two rules are provided: sonarqube and sq_project.

The sonarqube rule creates an executable target which will generate SonarQube configuration files, and execute the CLI scanner.

The sq_project rule provides the generation of configuration, and can be used to create sub-module configurations to be included in a sonarqube target.

The included Sonar Scanner rule requires importing in your WORKSPACE:

load("@bazel_sonarqube//:repositories.bzl", "bazel_sonarqube_repositories")


The sonarqube rule can then be instantiated:

    name = "git",
    srcs = glob(
        exclude = [".git/**/*[*"],  # gitk creates temp files with []
    tags = ["manual"],

    name = "coverage_report",
    srcs = ["bazel-out/_coverage/_coverage_report.dat"], # Created manually
    tags = ["manual"],
    visibility = ["//visibility:public"],

load("@bazel_sonarqube//:defs.bzl", "sonarqube")

    name = "sq",
    project_key = "com.example.project:project",
    project_name = "My Project",
    srcs = [
    targets = [
    modules = {
        "//path/to/component:sq_mycomponent": "path/to/component",
    coverage_report = ":coverage_report",
    scm_info = [":git"],
    tags = ["manual"],

The srcs attribute may refer to individual files or filegroup targets.

The targets attribute allows Bazel to utilise JavaInfo (from appropriate targets) to add project and dependency jars to the analysis classpath.

The modules attribute should reference (with relative paths) any sq_project targets which should be added as project modules in SonarQube.

The sq_project rule instantiation is very similar:

load("@bazel_sonarqube//:defs.bzl", "sq_project")

    name = "sq_mycomponent",
    project_key = "com.example.project:component",
    project_name = "My Project :: Component"
    srcs = [
    targets = [
    tags = ["manual"],
    visibility = ["//visibility:public"],

Analysis can then be executed:

bazel run //:sq --${SONAR_HOST_URL} -Dsonar.login=${SONAR_AUTH_TOKEN}
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