My favorite Keyboard Maestro macros.
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Final Cut Pro X
General Use
Markdown @ 5fe8161
Safari and Chrome
Special Characters
Timed Triggers

My favorite Keyboard Maestro macros. Some of these are meant to be executed in a certain app only. This is normally the case when there is a "general" shortcut set like F1, ↑, or ↓. I have every one of these as separate groups (separated by app they're available in).

Download: You can download this entire repository by clicking on here or ZIP above.
Download macros individually by navigating the repo. Click on the files, e.g. Switch back to frontmost app.kmmacros then click Raw. You can then save your macro locally.


  • Append Selection to Clipboard: Puts selected text on clipboard (⌘C) and appends it to the previous entry.
  • Manipulate Clipboard: Displays the clipboard contents in a text field for manipulation. Saves changes back to clipboard.


  • Symbolic Link: Shows Create symbolic links using Keyboard Maestro.

Final Cut Pro X

  • Find…: This macro clicks some 200px away from the bottom right corner to highlight the search field in the effects browser. (which, annoyingly, can't be a shortcut assigned to)
  • Switch Media: Two macros (activated with F1 and F2) to switch between proxy and high-quality/original media. Essentially what happens is the preference window opens, the second icons gets clicks, and then one of the two radio buttons before the window closes again.

General Use

  • Switch back to frontmost app: I'm using this in my Markdown library so the user can search for information somewhere else while the macro is running. This has no purpose other than showing how to do it. It's a demonstration for your own inspiration.


  • Copy Message URL to clipboard: Copies the message URL of a selected message to the clipboard. Useful for OmniFocus. Create a task that links back to the original message.
  • Print iTunes Receipt: Macro to print mail as PDF. Note: Requires you to have ⌘P set as "Save as PDF…" in System Preferences.


My Markdown library is now part of this repository. Read the other readme on how to use these.


  • Copy OmniFocus Item URL to Clipboard: Copies OmniFocus URL to clipboard for reference somewhere else.
  • Day Projects: I use a folder labelled "Day Projects", where I have one project for each day of the week. I assign tasks that I want to do over the week to this projects. The projects start on each respective day at 10am. See this Gist for complete history.
  • Mark projects active, completed, dropped, on hold: Press ⌃A, ⌃C, ⌃D, ⌃H.

Special Characters

Various macros to insert special or uncommon characters easily, such as Emojis or control characters like ⌘, ⌃ and ⇧.


  • Keyboard Cleaner Maestro: See this post for thorough explanation and context. Once executed this will launch TextEdit, maximize the window and block all input (mouse and keyboard). This way you can safely clean your Mac and keyboard. Once done press ⇧⌃⌘ and wait a little. The window will close itself and TextEdit will quit. Be careful with this!
  • Login sombody…: Quickly login as someone else.


Macros which use the "Filter Clipboard" action. Possibilities: calculate selected text, count characters/words/lines, encode/decode HTML Entities, Percent Encode text, lowercase/UPPERCASE/TitleCase text, smarten/straighten quotes, remove style from text.


  • Change expansion mode of a selected TextExpander snippet. It's an example on how to create shortcuts for a menu that is otherwise not reachable via shortcuts. Default shortcut is F1, F2, and F3. Set to separate macro group to be only available in TextExpander!


Check the time you spent with a certain activity and act accordingly. Maybe you want to limit the time you spend on Twitter by forcibly closing the Twitter app. Or turn off Internet access after you've been online for 10 hours a day.

  • Timer Start: Triggered on start of your activity. Add an app trigger or script trigger for the aforementioned customizations.
  • Timer Stop: Stops the timer and calculates how much time is left. Add actions like "quit app if total amount has been exceeded". Check the If Then Else action for what you can do with this.
  • Timer Reset: Resets the timer either manually or at 0:00. This makes sure you can spend the same amount of time with your activity every day.


Manipulate windows with Keyboard Maestro:

  • Move by 1px or 25px.
  • Resize horizontally/vertically by ± 1px or 25px.
  • Resize proportionally
  • Several example resize presets
  • Measure window: for use in previous resize presets or in the following Set Window Size macro.
  • Set Window Size: First measures the frontmost window, then prompts the user for new size.
  • Center/maximize window
  • Where's my mouse?: Draws a circle on the screen in case you can't find your cursor anymore.

Best practice tip: Set macro group to activate and deactivate on shortcut. (I've set this to ⌃⌥W)


Feel free to send me Pull Requests with your Keyboard Maestro macros.
Please put the macros in a group named "Keyboard Maestro Macros Repo" first, before exporting. When someone downloads/clones this repo and double-clicks a macro, they will be added to that group. This will help to keep this repo more consistent.

If there are numerous macros you want to contribute, then make a separate group, e.g. "Special Characters" in this repository.