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Markdown for Keyboard Maestro 2

These macros help you write Markdown with any text editor using the magic that is Keyboard Maestro.

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When user interaction is required, e.g. for collecting URLs, text for links, etc., the frontmost app is saved, which allows you to switch apps as much as needed, your editor will be restored later. This makes these macros so flexible that you can use (almost) every text editor.

Special thanks to Rafael Bugajaweksi and Brett Terpstra for providing some of the basics of these macros. Also thanks to Gabe from His work gave a lot of inspiration for this project.

New in Version 2

Main focus for version 2 was speed optimization, interaction, accessibility for non-English speakers, and usability.

Read: Changelog


Screencast for version 2.3:

Screencast for version 2.2:

Screencast for version 2:

Screencast for version 1:

Download v2

Download version 2.4 (Doesn’t include .git files, but includes, required, Wrap Text Plugin.)


You should remove the old macros before adding these!

Older versions:


Documentation is available from the Wiki.


Markdown library for Keyboard Maestro.


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