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Version 2.4

  • Patreon: If you like the work that I do here, you can now become a Patreon! This doesn't help in future development, or make it any faster but it tells me you appreciate my work. I do look at the stars regularly and am always happy to see more faces there too.
  • New feature: Using the Convert Selection to HTML using mmd macro now does a fancier version. For online writers the default conversion means more work than is necessary. In blogging backends, like WordPress, paragraphs don't need an extra <p> tag. WordPress adds that automatically. I found that the text was always really hard to read. Therefore you now have a setting to suppress the conversion of certain characters (technically they are reverted). This means that paragraphs don't get an extra <p> tag around them, and double quotes won't get converted to smart, or non-smart, quotes (&quot;).
  • In preparation for version 3 of Markdown for Keyboard Maestro, I've added a lot more documentation and made use of some new features in Keyboard Maestro 7. The Settings - Helper macro, for example, shows some of the changes. I have no ETA for version 3.
  • I've removed the ability to add affiliate tags. Other apps are much better at this, and I didn't use it at all. Please check out SearchLink by Brett Terpstra, and Affiliate by Bytesize. Coincidentally this is an affiliate link. This means that the setting for affiliate tags is obsolete. You need to manually remove the MMD__Add Affiliate Tags variable from Keyboard Maestro! Not removing the variable doesn't affect any function.
  • Convert Selection to HTML is faster now.
  • The convert to or from macros were confusingly named. This is fixed.
  • Known issues: The outdent and indent macros do not function properly.

Version 2.3

  • Settings! We now have preferences for this macro library. There's a helper where you can set things like:
    • MMD__Double Quotes Style: set to either straight or smart to make the library default to "straight" or “smart” quotes.
    • MMD__Current App Exceptions: a configurable list of frontmost app names that allow you to configure exceptions for apps that use a different Markdown style, e.g. Slack, which uses underscores for _italic_.
  • Header macro: Gone is , to increase or decrease. Instead you can activate the macro and type 1-6 to insert the heading level directly. This is much faster than my previous solution.
  • A couple of changes to the Marked macros.
  • Footnote macro: on insert, the macro now restores the cursor position. I have to thank @nuclearzenfire for the original for this feature.
  • Link macro:
    • Clean URL option that tries to remove tracking codes from a URL.
    • Option to add affiliate tags (very limited!)
  • List macro: A previous version introduced the feature to "convert" list from one style to the other. This was causing problems and bugs. I am glad to say that @pslobo and @ryanm have been a huge help here. The macro used to have a PHP script that reiterates the lists, which is now written in Python. And it works in tests.

Version 2.2

Screencast for changes in v 2.2:

  • List 1, 2, 3: This macro now allows you to dynamically change a list from and to other list styles, e.g. going from ordered to numbered, and vice versa. To change a list, simply change the first character of the list to: *, -, +, 1, 1., or any other number. (Thanks go to @pslobo for his great help!)
  • ForMd: @drbunsen has granted permission to include ForMd in this library. It is not required to have a separate installation anymore. Therefore: the formd submodule has been removed, as has been the formd macro, and the old Link Inlines to References macro has also been replaced by ForMd. It is now simply called Flip Link Style (ForMd). You can easily switch link styles as you go!
  • Fixed: Quote macro used to not replace empty lines with >. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Updated: Macros based on Brett Terpstra's Markdown Service Tools have been updated to v2.11.

Version 2.1

  • Configuring the "Is Text Selected?" Helper is not required anymore. Keyboard Maestro 6.2 has a better way to do this.
  • The Footnote macro now auto-suggests a footnote tag based on the word the cursor is standing on.
  • New macro: “Markdownify”. Converts selected text using Heck Yes Markdown.
    • This macro checks whether your computer is online, if not it tries to use Pandoc instead. My script checks for Pandoc in several common places. Adjust this if necessary.
    • You may prefer to delete the "if online"-block and use Pandoc only, because Pandoc is set to use --reference-links. So on conversion all links will be converted to reference links, rather than inline links.
  • 2.1.1: Fixes bug where Header macro would not complete execution.
  • 2.1.2:
    • New feature: Preview with Marked now opens the Finder selected file if there is one.
    • Fixes: There was a typo with a variable in a macro. Can't remember which one it was, but it's fixed now.
    • Known issues: Cleanup Table is broken. If you can read Perl and have some time at hand, I'd appreciate if you can fix this and maybe send me a pull request.
    • Future features: I plan to look at Brett's Strip Markdown Service for the Remove Formatting macro.
  • 2.1.3:
    • New feature: New Link macro now times out after about 5 seconds. This makes it more convenient when you want to insert a link from a site that is just a tad too slow. You can change the timeout manually, if you so desire.
    • Change: The New Link macro was using a PHP script to get the title of a page. This is now a Shell script, because curl is awesome.
    • Fix: Link List from Clipboard has been updated by @fncll to incorporate Brett's own latest changes. Thanks for the fix!
    • Fix: Cleanup Table now works. Sorry this was my bad. Fix provided also by @fncll.

Version 2

  • Changed name:
    • This library is now named "Markdown for Keyboard Maestro 2". Please refer to it as "km-markdown" or "kmmarkdown" on Twitter.
  • General improvements:
    • The system used to check whether a selection exists now uses a better, more reliable, technique. This improvement also makes it possible to use these macros in every system language. (Yay, Germans!)
    • Overall speed improvements. A lot of testing has been done to minimize execution and waiting time. Some macros run twice as fast, some even four times faster.
  • Visual:
    • All macros use custom icons for macros.
    • Markdown Menu is now sorted.
  • Wrapping text:
    • All text "wrappers" are now using one central KM6 Plug-In. All macros for formatting text, e.g. italic, bold, enclosing in brackets, etc.
    • The plugin doesn't need to be compiled on every run, it is a generic AppleScript that "wraps" text with two given wrap characters. You can also use this plugin for your own macros!
  • New Link:
    • The Link macro now tries to catch the title of a web page.
    • All Link macros are now in a separate macro group. The shortcut is still the same. (⌃⌥l) A palette will be shown, giving you three options. Use 1, 2, and 3 to select one. In most cases you will want to go with ⌃⌥l + 1.
  • Image:
    • Now checks whether an image title has been given and doesn't output unnecessary empty quotes ("").
  • Header:
    • Is now a universal "how many levels?" macro. It strips out #'s from the beginning and end of text on the clipboard and allows to re-structure text more easily.
    • This macro now has an additional option that allows you to Title Case text.
  • Preview and conversion:
    • There are two new macros that allow you to preview a selection in Marked or convert a selection to Markdown. In the latter case, results are put on the clipboard, i.e. text doesn't get replaced unintentionally.
  • Help:
    • There's now a help section included.
    • Quickly access the MultiMarkdown Syntax Guide.
    • Includes some information about me and a direct link to this documentation.
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