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Hydra application for Ghent University
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Hydra Build Status


Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Android and iOS app providing all the information a student at Ghent University needs.

This application was developed by Zeus WPI, the computer science working group. Please contact with any questions.


This repo only contains the scraper code. Other repos:


See the API for documentation about the APIs. Or jump directly to the resto API.

The Hydra APIs and data are a mix of static data, apps on servers and scrapers. The 'server' folder contains all things to run. The scripts folder contains a bunch of scripts to test, deploy and run the server.


The API and website are automatically deployed (from master) to the server by Travis. Since it uses a custom solution, read the docs first, before changing things (unless you know what you are doing).


In order of first contribution:

  • Thomas Meire
  • Toon Willems
  • Jasper Van der Jeugt
  • Pieter De Baets
  • Gilles Jacobs
  • Jens Panneel
  • Tom Naessens
  • Yasser Deceukelier
  • Feliciaan De Palmenaer
  • Arya Ghodsi
  • Bart Middag
  • Stijn Seghers
  • Ruben Taelman
  • Wouter Pinnoo
  • Titouan Vervack
  • Caroline De Brouwer
  • Niko Strijbol
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