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Front-end application for G2.
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G2 Front-end

The goal of this part of G2 is to provide a front-end application which interacts with a JSON back-end and renders beautiful pages.

Getting started


You will need to install node.js. Make sure that your node.js installation includes NPM

You will also need to install yarn. You either install it from the official website, your package manager, or use the NPM command:

npm install yarn -g

You will also need to install the Vue CLI

npm install -g @vue/cli


  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Enter the created directory.

  3. Execute the following command to install the projects dependencies:

    yarn install


To start a development server, run:

yarn serve

This should start an instance of the server on a given port.


To compile the production build, run:

yarn build


Code Style and formatting

This project relies heavily on ESLint and Prettier to enforce consistent formatting and coding styles. A pre-commit-hook runs every time you try to commit, linting and reformatting the staged files. This allows you to basically forget about formatting, prettier is much better at it anyway.

Tip: you can setup your editor to run eslint --fix on save, to see the formatting changes sooner. This allows you to write code like an absolute monster, all on one line even, hit save, and watch the magic happen.

Some of the eslint rules may seem a bit harsh. If there is one that particularly annoys you, please open an issue to discuss it.


We try to follow the BEM conventions for naming css classes.

Inline styling should be avoided at all cost!


If you have any questions about setting up the project or about the codebase you can contact @maartenvn or @abeformatter on mattermost

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