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gzip data compression from Swift, OS X & Linux ready


Works on Data or anything Gzippable

let myData = ... //Data
let myGzipCompressedData = try myData.gzipCompressed() //Data
let myGzipUncompressedData = try myGzipCompressedData.gzipUncompressed() //Data
... //PROFIT!

Middleware to suport gzipped content in HTTPClient.

let request = ... //Request
let response = try client.request(request, middleware: [GzipMiddleware()])

Please note, that GzipMiddleware should be placed at the end of a chain:

let response = try client.request(request, middleware: [ContentNegotiationMiddleware(mediaTypes: [.json], mode: .client), GzipMiddleware()])


As this library uses a SwiftPM-compatible source of zlib, you don't need to install anything manually before using it. Even though both OS X and Linux have a preinstalled version of zlib, unfortunately each has a different version, making its potential use inconsistent. In our case everything is compiled from source, so you can be sure to get the same results everywhere. 💯


Swift Package Manager

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 0, minor: 8)

💝 Contributing

Please create an issue with a description of your problem or open a pull request with a fix.

👍 Thanks

This project was initially inspired by NSData+GZIP, thank you!

✌️ License


👽 Author

Honza Dvorsky -, @czechboy0