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A MarkDown TextEditor with jQuery and Markitup! and redcarpet for Rails 3

use: Markitup and Redcarpet


Support Env:



you need install pygments

easy_install pygments

a. In Gemfile:

gem "redcarpet"
gem "albino"
gem "nokogiri"
gem 'rails_markitup'

b. Then run :

rails g rails_markitup:install

c. In layout:

= stylesheet_link_tag :markitup
= javascript_include_tag :markitup

or you can use another highlight css:

= stylesheet_link_tag :markitup_shiny

d. In your textarea , simple_form_for exapmle:

= form.input :content, :as => :text, :input_html => {:id => 'markdown'} 

e. In your application.js:


f. In your show page:

= markdown(@topic.content)

if you use shiny style

= markdown(@topic.content, 'shiny')