some showcase of rack,sinatra, and sinatra running in rails2.3 with metal
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ruby OFF rails
This showcase has 4 components:
1. Some rack middleware
  (1), a rack middleware do nothing
  (2), add response time to HTTP body
  (3), alter HTTP method

  Before running, run "gem install rack" to install rack.
  Run "rackup"
  See http://localhost:9292 for result.
  Replace with other two file name and navigate the same URL.
2. infinity.rb, a simple sinatra program can process 3 URL
   Before running, run "gem install sinatra" to install sinatra
   Run "ruby infinity.rb"
   See http://localhost:4567 , http://localhost:4567/version
            and http://localhost:4567/version/last for result.
3. A sinatra+sequel program, a Create-Update-Read application.
   Before running, run "gem install sequel sqlite3-ruby" to install sequel and sqlite3 database driver.
   Run "ruby notes.rb".
   See http://localhost:4567/notes for result.
4. A sinatra+rails application, show speed difference of Rails MVC, Rails Metal and sintra.
   Before running, run "gem install thin" to install thin, 
     "gem install rails --source" to install Rails 2.3.
   Run "thin start" to start rails and "thin -R app/metal/hello.rb" to start sinatra standalone.
   See http://localhost:3000/hello/sinatra for traditional rails response;
       http://localhost:3000/sinatra for sinatra running under rails metal or standalone.

   My benchmark result is: sinatra running standalone is 3 times of it running under rails metal.