Visualization of My Little Pony episode transcripts
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Visualizing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

This is a set of Python scripts that contains several classes (contained in to help scrape, cache, process and store television show transcripts. The classes are fairly flexible and exposes a simple but powerful API that allows them to be extended for use in any TV show.

To demonstrate a use of them, contains the classes extended for use with My Little Pony's transcript from Full documentation is forthcoming, but here's a demonstration of the classes in action:

from mlp_modules import MLP

# Scrapes episode listing from wiki. The episodes are then scraped and parsed
# into lines
mlp = MLP(url='')

len(mlp.lines) # Count the number of lines in total from the show...
len(mlp.seasons[0].lines)  # ... a single season...
len(mlp.seasons[1].episode('Lesson Zero').lines)  # or an episode

# Characters are represented by sets of strings. Here we grab Twilight and Applejack
# to use as a filter
from filters import ts, aj

# The first ten lines spoken by Twilight Sparkle[:10]

# The first ten lines spoken by either AJ or Twilight from the episode
# 'The Mane Attraction'
mlp.seasons[4].episode('The Mane Attraction').by(ts | aj)[:10]