File format plugins for Noesis 3D viewer/converter app.
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My plugins for Noesis by Rich Whitehouse.

If you find any issues with the plugins, feel free to contact me here or on Xentax or anywhere.

Megaman X8 (PC) ( &

Opens textures and most models in the game (and animations too).

Fatal Frame 4 (Wii) (

Textures and rigged models. Reqires!


  • Some meshes have flipped normals on rare occasion.
  • Only diffuse textures are applied.
  • Animation support can probably be added if requested.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii) (

Textures. Reqires!

Planet 51 (Wii) (

Textures. Reqires!

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (

Textures. Reqires!

See this topic.

Fire Emblem (Wii) ( &

Extracts .pak files. Opens .gs/.g files (mesh, uv, skeleton, weights, vertex colors).


  • Requires (and to load textures but can do without it. Only diffuse textures are applied but all textures are loaded.
  • Vertex colors are disabled by default. To enable them, change vertex_colors = 0 to vertex_colors = 1. Likewise, you can disable texture loading by setting textures flag to 0.

MT Framework Engine (3DS) (


Uses etc1tool.exe by onepiecefreak3.

Put the executable into Noesis/Scenes folder.

TPL format (

Common Wii texture format. Reqires!

Nintex lib (

Work-in-progress library for extracting textures used on Nintendo consoles.

Also can be used as Texture Finder, just add .nintex extension to the file you want to examine.