MODO IK/FK matching scripts.
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MODO Tool - IK/FK Match


MODO scripts that allow you to match FK to IK and vice versa.

The script will match the controls to the corresponding target and hide/show the appropriate controls. It will also automatically adjust the constraints to use the corresponding mode (FK or IK).

NOTE: It only works with the standard 3 joint chain setup (one for FK, one for IK and one for binding to the mesh) It won't work with the default MODO IK/FK blending.

NOTE: This is intended mostly as a template for more specific or advanced IK/FK matching, not as a catch-all solution. You will need to adjust the scripts to suit your needs (more info on the How to Install section)

How to Install

  • Clone/Download this repository
  • Copy the whole folder to your Contents/Kits folder (In MODO go to System - Open Content Folder)
  • Open the and scripts and adjust the item names under Item Names comment (line 8) to match your rig
  • Adjust the constraint and channel keyword constants as well (line 20) so that the script can find the proper constraints and their channels
  • Restart MODO

How to Use

  • IK and FK buttons will appear on the Animate layout, below the local/world coordinates buttons
  • Clicking on those buttons will enable the corresponding controls and match them to the current position
  • If you wish to move these buttons, you can do so by using the Form Editor and moving the button controls under the zbIkFkMatch group, and removing them from the Animate Coords tail category

Please refer to the included sample scene to see how it was set up and how the naming and keywords match the scripts