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GIVE Tutorial 0: Start from a 2 minute example

Just copy paste the following HTML codes to jsfiddle, an online HTML testing website for testing of your own HTML codes. 1) Go to jsfiddle, 2) copy paste the following lines to the HTML panel (top left), 3) hit "run" button. Congratulations! You have built your first genome browser webpage using data source from GIVE Data Hub in less than 1 minute.

<!-- header source -->
<script src=""></script> 
<link rel="import" href="">

<!-- embed the browser in the web page -->
  title-text="A 2-minute starter of building a genome browser with GIVE" 
  coordinate='["chr18:19140000-19450000", "chr18:19140000-19450000"]'
  group-id-list='["genes", "CHi-C_promoter"]'

So you have enough time to learn some essential tips for customizing your genome browser. The following HTML code illustration figure shows nearly all the information you need. All the colored parts are useful for customization, especially for the ref and group-id-list.

2-minute code illustration

This genome browser used data source from GIVE Data Hub. There are already hundreds of public data sets available in GIVE Data Hub. You can go to the GIVE Data Hub to look for other reference genomes and data track groups. You can find the values that can be used for ref and group-id-list in your genome browser HTML code. For example, the screenshot below shows that you can add interaction to the group-id-list with hg19 reference genome.

2-minute GIVE Data Hub info

The following GIF animation shows the whole process of the 2 minute tutorial. It's so easy.

2 minute show

After the 2 minute example, I am sure that you want to learn more. We have prepared a comprehensive series of GIVE tutorials. Please enjoy it!