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Review Sentry issues one by one, the easy way.
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Sentry Buddy

Review Sentry issues one by one, the easy way.

Pain Points

I built Sentry Buddy to fix 3 of my pain points with Sentry:

For a variety of valid reasons, ignored issues keep coming back and you have to remember why you want to ignore them in the first place.

With Sentry Buddy, you can tag issues. For example, you can tag an issue as "browser support". The next time it comes up in Sentry Buddy, it will keep its tag so you don't have to figure it out again.

Although Sentry does a great job at grouping events, some are still reported as different issues.

Issues with an identical message are grouped together. You can see how many duplicates there are for an issue an you can search them on Sentry by clicking the "Open" button. From there, you can merge the real duplicates.

The UI is great to have an overview and browse the issues, not so when you want to review them one by one.

Issues are shown one by one so you can take an action before moving to the other one.

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