A php library for the sendgrid parse api.
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A php library for the sendgrid parse api. It's really more convention than code.


  1. Clone the repository or copy the php file into your project.
  2. Include the php file.


After your router identified the request as coming from SendGrid, you can parse the incoming data as follows:

$parsed = new SendgridParse();

You can then access all attributes of the incoming email as attributes of $parsed. The following attributes get special treatment:

  • $parsed->from: an array that maps "name" to the name, "email" to the email address and "full" to the combination of both;
  • $parsed->to: an array of all to-recipients - each recipient is treated by an array that maps "name", "email" and "full" again;
  • $parsed->cc: same thing for the cc-recipients;
  • $parsed->attachments: an array of all attachments - each attachment is a record for an uploaded file.