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Port of Flixel game engine to haXe

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Flixel-Haxe is a port of the Flixel flash engine (

Master branch

The branch "master" contain a version that can target both flash and cpp. In this branch, the assets need to be managed manually, as detailed in

RessySupport branch

This branch adds some functions to manage ressy assets. Moreover, the flixel assets are included.



To activate the ressy support, you need to compile your Haxe application with the -D ressy option. You can then use the functions load...Ressy instead of the regular load... functions. Take a look at the "Getting started" page of ressy to know how to prepare and load the assets (

You can also use the option -D flixelAssets to activate the assets flixel uses in FlxPause for example. Then you have to copy the flixelAssets folder and the flixelAssets.json into your bin directory. Or you can add the -D embedFlixel -resource Flixel-Haxe/flixelAssets.swf@flixelSWF -resource Flixel-Haxe/flixelAssets.json@flixelJSON options, and the assets will be embedded in the compiled swf. In both cases, you have to call FlxG.init(CallbackFunction) before creating your FlxGame.

At the moment, ressy doesn't seem to be able to load all the assets if they're not embedded.

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