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Community Scilla CookBook (CSC)

The Community Scilla Cookbook (CSC) is maintained by the community and is a reference for various scilla related documents, contracts, howto's, tips and tricks. If you have found this documentation useful, consider contributing.

How To contribute

Required technologies

You should have these technologies installed on your machine to run the scilla cookbook.

  • NodeJS
  • npm
  • yarn


Please review this guide for further infomation on how to contribute to a github repository and this guide about commit messages.

  • Fork this repo
  • Clone your fork of this repo to your local machine
  • Create a branch from master called docs/xxxxx
  • Make necessary changes
  • Push changes to your fork username/scilla-cookbook
  • Raise a pull request from your fork, targeting zilliqa/scilla-cookbook
  • Follow the pull request read-me

How to build the site locally

Dependancy installation

This command installs the dependencies required to run scilla cookbook.


Start a local scilla cookbook server

This command starts a local development server and opens up a browser window. Most changes are reflected live without having to restart the server.

yarn start

How to deploy the site

Local Deployment

Amend docusarus.config.js and change the organisation values to your local repo and Github username.

Build a static site from the dynamic content into /build/ directory.

yarn build

Deploy the /build/ directory to the branch /gh-pages/

GIT_USER=<Your GitHub username> USE_SSH=true yarn deploy

How to run markdown-spellcheck

\mdspell "docs/**/*.md"