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@jiayaoqijia jiayaoqijia released this Jun 30, 2018 · 5382 commits to master since this release

This is the first release used in D24 Testnet v2.0

We have included in this release of the testnet major improvements to the infrastructure, including stability, mining, dev-ops and smart contract support.

  • For stability, we have implemented persistent storage using levelDB, recovery of normal/DS/lookup nodes and the view-change mechanism to replace malicious nodes.
  • For mining, we’ve finished the implementation for nodes (or miners) to join the testnet as normal nodes or DS nodes during the period of pow1/pow2. We reward all the nodes including DS and shard nodes through their involvement in the consensus protocol.
  • For dev-ops, we containerized our main project Zilliqa. As a result, we can easily launch a 20- to 1000-node Kubernetes cluster on our cloud provider and are running an internal large-scale Zilliqa testnet on it.
  • On smart contract support, we have refined the implementation of transaction / account to support smart contracts. We’ve finished implementing the first version of an interpreter to run Scilla contracts.
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