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@ansnunez ansnunez released this Sep 12, 2019 · 10 commits to release-5.0 since this release

This is the first major release of Zilliqa since the mainnet launch, which introduces two new features.

  • Together with Scilla v0.4.0, this release introduces inter-process communication (IPC) between Zilliqa and Scilla, improving execution time of smart contracts. Along with the IPC change, we also improved account state handling, to reduce the size of data transfer between Zilliqa/Scilla and between nodes. Finally, we have moved to Protocol Buffers (Protobuf) version 3, which was necessary to implement this new feature.

  • This release also introduces the Directory Service (DS) reputation system, developed by our community contributor nnamon. This new election/removal system will improve network resiliency by determining DS committee membership based on performance.

Please note that this release also comes with changes to our existing API (e.g., GetSmartContractState, GetTransaction), as well as the addition of new methods (e.g., GetSmartContractSubState, GetTotalCoinSupply). Users can refer to the API Documentation for more details.

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