A browser-based Scilla IDE.
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Savant IDE

A souped-up IDE for testing Scilla smart contracts painlessly. It can be tried out at https://savant-ide.zilliqa.com/ (works best on Chrome).

Scilla is a smart contract language being developed for Zilliqa. To learn more about the language, visit https://scilla-lang.org/.


The previous iteration of Scilla IDE was useful for context-free testing of arbitrary Scilla smart contracts. However, its user experience was not ideal for testing of complex contracts due to the need to manually copy-and-paste state transitions and/or to manually adjust parameters to simulate real blockchain behavior.

It was a time sink for developers coming looking for a quick and easy way to try Scilla out. Savant attempts to address this shortcoming by enabling an automated development environment, in-browser, with quick and intuitive controls.


Savant best works with Chrome browser and supports the following features:

  • Fast, in-browser pseudo-blockchain with persistent state, including previous calls/events/messages.
  • Intuitive UI for easy deployment/contract invocation.
  • Automatic block height counter for contracts that depend on block height.
  • Simple, persistent file manager for managing your contracts that allows for renaming/deletion.
  • Support for event in contracts, with automatic notifications in the UI.
  • Support for arbitrary gas price/gas limit in deployment/calls.
  • Toggle between raw Scilla output and native JS representation when viewing state.

Building and running locally

Savant is easy to build and run locally. Because Savant relies on IndexedDB, it is possible to use it offline, without suffering a loss of data as long as you serve the app from the same address (default: localhost:3000), and the cache is not cleared.

To build and run Savant:

git clone https://github.com/Zilliqa/savant-ide && cd savant-ide

# install all dependencies, including system dependencies
# to use specific branch of scilla, append SCILLA_BRANCH=my_specific_branch:
# make SCILLA_BRANCH=some_other_branch

# start IDE app dev server
yarn run start

Note: the makefile only supports Ubuntu and MacOS.


  • Additional unit tests.
  • Account-to-account transfers of ZIL.
  • Multi-contract calls.
  • 'REPL' mode that behaves like the IDE, for full control over parameters.
  • Adjustable block height increment speed.


Contributions/critiques are most welcome. If you wish to contribute, please submit a PR.