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The Zilliqa Improvement Proposals (ZIPs) are the core protocol standards for the Zilliqa platform.


  1. Review ZIP-0.
  2. Fork the repository by clicking "Fork" in the top right.
  3. Add your ZIP to your fork of the repository. There is a template ZIP here.
  4. Submit a Pull Request to Zilliqa's ZIP repository.

Your first PR should be a first draft of the final ZIP. An editor will manually review the first PR for a new ZIP and assign it a number before merging it. Make sure you include a discussions-to header with the URL to a discussion forum or open GitHub issue where people can discuss the ZIP as a whole.

If your ZIP requires images, the image files should be included in a subdirectory of the assets folder for that ZIP as follow: assets/zip-X (for zip X). When linking to an image in the ZIP, use relative links such as ../assets/zip-X/image.png.

When you believe your ZIP is ready to progress past the 'Draft' phase, you should go to our Zilliqa Official Discord server and ask to have your issue added to the next community dev call where it can be discussed for inclusion in a future platform upgrade. If the community agrees to include it, the ZIP editors will update the state of your ZIP to 'Approved'.

ZIP Status

  1. Draft - a preliminary version of the ZIP that is not yet ready for submission.
  2. Ready - a preliminary version of the ZIP that is ready for review by a wide audience.
  3. Approved - a finalized version of the ZIP that has been in the 'Ready' state for at least 2 weeks and any technical changes that were requested have been addressed by the author.
  4. Implemented - a finalized version of the ZIP that the Core Devs have decided to implement and release.

Reward control statements

Per GP008, these will appear in the rewards/ directory in this repository.


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