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Zeta Alliance

An alliance of users, partners and contributors for Zimbra Email Collaboration to ensure its success and health as open source project.

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  1. Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet - PGP Email encryption for Zimbra mail

    JavaScript 61 27

  2. Integrate Nextcloud, ownCloud or any WebDAV server to your Zimbra webmail

    JavaScript 67 31

  3. Create and manage shared mailboxes. Share department and team mailboxes with individual users. (Family mailbox)

    JavaScript 24 13

  4. Two factor authentication for Zimbra Open Source (beta)

    Java 16 10

  5. A Zimbra extension that allows the user to monitor their recent login and account activity. This is important to keep the user's account safe.

    JavaScript 16 3

  6. RMail | The global standard for secure & certified electronic communications

    JavaScript 1 1


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