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This extension enables administrators to modify the current out of office information for a user without switching to his or her mailbox view.

This basically incorporates the "Vacation" setting view used in Zimbra 8.x into the account view of the Administration Console.


Simply install the extension using the Admin Extensions UI in the Administration console.


With the current version of the zimlet, a delegated account needs this rights to work with the zimlet:

  • The adminConsoleZimletRights for the de_dieploegers_admin_vacation-zimlet (Target "Zimlet", Target Name "de_dieploegers_admin_vacation", Right "adminConsoleZimletRights")
  • The following rights either globally or for specific domains:
    • listAccount - List accounts
    • getAccountInfo - Get information about THE CURRENT ADMIN ACCOUNT (like the admin's timezone)
    • adminLoginAs - Used for handling of the OutOfOffice-appointment in the target account's calendar
    • These additional attributes to generally set the OutOfOffice-features:
      • set.account.zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeReplyEnabled
      • set.account.zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeReply
      • set.account.zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFreeBusyStatus
      • set.account.zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFromDate
      • set.account.zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeUntilDate
    • Optionally adminConsoleSavedSearchRights to enable users to save specific searches

Please note, that a deferred agent cannot change anything of a global administrator. So if you have accounts, that are global administrators you sadly have to strip down these accounts. You can give them the following rights so that they basically have all rights of a global administrator minus the ACL-management for objects:

  • adminConsoleRights
  • domainAdminRights
  • deployZimlet
  • Set-Rights for the global attribute config.zimbraMailPurgeSystemPolicy

There's currently no way around that and I believe there won't be one ever.


This zimlet aims to be included into Zimbra core and thus works around currently missing attributes in the Zimbra framework.

I think, that Zimbra's already on the way of altering the attributes around the out of office-features, as some attributes are already included while not being properly added to the Admin-Framework.

Because of this, these rather ugly hacks have been made:

  • The following attributes are locally managed by the zimlet, but SHOULD be enclosed into ZaAccount somewhere in the future to make the zimlet work properly with the XModel-framework:

    "vacationEnableTimePeriod" => Enable the time period selection
    "vacationStartDate" => the date-part of zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFromDate
                           (as long as there's no equivalent date/time
                            selection available as a XForm-Item like
                            the one in the user frontend)
    "vacationStartTime" => the time-part of zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeFromDate
                           (see above)
    "vacationEndDate" => the date-part of zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeUntilDate
                         (see above)
    "vacationEndTime" => the time-part of zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeUntilDate
                         (see above)
    "vacationAllDay" => Is "all Day" selected?
    "vacationCalendarEnable" => Should an appointment be added to the 
                                account's calendar?
  • Because we need to handle the attributes locally, two bad timing-hacks had to be made at lines 269 and 429 of de_dieploegers_admin_vacationController.js

  • Used SUPER_TABCASE and loadDataMethods to be able manage the form once our tab is selected

With the deeper knowledge of the XForm-framework and the influence to add new attributes to the Account object, this zimlet can easily be adopted.

Feel free to do so!