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A Web application for listening and discovering podcasts.
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Podcast Tune

A Web application for listening and discovering podcasts.

Main features:

  • You can browse, search and subscribe to podcasts.
  • Play episodes, add them to Up next, mark them as played and add them to favorites.
  • In player you can increase/decrease volume and playback speed, skip time and browse episode in Up next.
  • For registered users all information stores in application database, for 'guests' - in local storage.

Podcast tune demonstration of main functionalities

Table of Contents


This project uses Meteor and npm. Meteor comes with npm bundled so that you can type meteor npm without worrying about installing it yourself. If you like, you can also use a globally installed npm to manage your packages. To install Meteor, head to Install meteor

$ meteor npm install
# Installs dependencies


In order to run Podcast Tune app, type in console:

$ meteor
# Builds and runs application on 3000 port.
# Mongo DB available on 3001 port

To run test, type in console:

$ npm run test
# Runs tests

Additionally, you could set an environment variable ENGINE_API_KEY value to your Apollo Engine API key. That gives you access to performance insights, error reporting, and caching for GraphQL. For more information - Apollo Engine docs:

$ set ENGINE_API_KEY=your-api-key&&meteor
# Sets up Apollo Engine and runs application


MIT © Anton Zimnitski

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