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This is the home for clients to Fly, a lightweight Object Space that can distribute and coordinate information on clusters of computers in the form of Immutable Objects.
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Fly Object Space For Scala

Welcome to Fly for Scala!

Fly is an Object Space server that is specifically written to provide lightweight object based messaging between computers running on a network. The server is written in C, with prebuilt binaries available for Linux, OSX, Solaris and Win32.

Before you start you need to make sure that have a version of Java installed and running on your machine. Type -

> java -version

into a command prompt or shell. If this fails you will need to download a recent version of Java SE (1.6 or above for Scala version < 2.12, 1.8 for Scala >= 2.12) from and install this onto your machine.

Getting Fly-Scala

Get the fly binary, which is part of the fly-java project, from

For Scala 2.12.x In SBT do this (which will pull flyjava from the mavens):

libraryDependencies ++= Seq("com.flyobjectspace" %% "flyscala" % "2.2.0-SNAPSHOT")

For Scala 2.11.x In SBT do this:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq("com.flyobjectspace" %% "flyscala" % "2.1.6")

For Scala 2.10.x, do this:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq("com.flyobjectspace" %% "flyscala" % "2.1.5")

In windows double click the startFly.bat file from the windows explorer and then double click the runExample.bat file. In OSX or Linux, type ...

> cd fly
> .\startFly.bat
> .\runExample.bat

in a windows command prompt.

On unix systems the script is set up to run the version of fly for the host platform. See the comments in the script if you want to run the fly server directly.

% cd fly
% sh
% sh

In either case, if this successful you will see something like this -

    <----       Fly Server (c) MMVI Zink Digital Ltd.
      >       Ver 2.0 : LBI 2.0 : Non Commercial License.

Fly Server started on port 4396

and then some output from the example code which writes and takes 1000 example objects to and from the space server. To write more or less objects, vary the final parameter, or try running a number of example clients in parallel.

If you want to see the scala source for the WriteTake example look in the src directory. There are many examples in here of how to use the server via the scala bindings.

Enjoy using Fly!

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