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My home assistant configuration
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Here's my Home Assistant (HA) configuration.

Configuration for Home Assistant version Please ⭐️ this repo if you found it useful! (Click Star in the top right)
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If you found this extremely helpful, feel free to reach out

Equipment running Home Assistant:


Useful Documentation:



Device Quantity Connection Component Notes
Phillips Hue Hub v2 1 Ethernet Philips Hue Used to control Phillips Hue Bulbs. The Philips hue bridge 2.0 can control up to 50 light bulbs and 12 accessories at a time, provided that they are connected in range.
Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 1 USB Z-Wave Used to control all Z-Wave devices in Home Assistant. This is a USB stick that is plugged directly into the Raspberry Pi. Using secure Z-Wave that is configured in the configuration.yaml


Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

Philips Hue A19 Bulb
26 Hue Bridge Philips Hue Color changing smart bulbs developed by Philips ($40-$50)

Philips Hue Indoor Light Strip
2 Hue Bridge Philips Hue Color changing LED indoor light Strips ($60-$80) I have one over the kitchen cabinet with an extension

Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strip
4 Hue Bridge Philips Hue Color changing LED outdoor light Strips ($160)


Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

Philips Tap Switch
1 Hue Bridge Philips Hue Switch that requires no batteries developed by Philips ($40-$50). Useful since it has 4 total buttons

Philips Dimmer Switch
3 Hue Bridge Philips Hue Dimmer switch that requires batteries developed by Philips ($25)


Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

Hunter Douglas Blinds
2 Proprietary Bridge IFTTT Using multiple 'scenes' in PowerView app that sets the blinds to the appropriate height. I have the dimmer switches set to activate scenes using Node-Red


Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

August Smart Lock Pro
1 Z-Wave / Wi-Fi Z-Wave I found using Z-Wave worked better than using the actual component. Luckily this lock supports both $200

Indoor Climate

Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

ecobee - Gen 2
1 Wi-Fi ecobee Component works great, I use this for my entire HVAC system. I have multiple modes, AWAY, SLEEP, HOME. I also configured it to only be within 3 degrees rather than the typical 5

Nest Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Gen2
1 Wi-Fi NEST NEST Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm works great and doesn't have the annoying alarm when the batteries are dead - $119

MiFlora Flower Sensors
3 Bluetooth MiFlora Very useful to check on indoor plant health. $25


Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

Sonos Play:1
3 Wi-Fi SONOS I currently do not have any Alexa or Google Assistant devices $150

Sonos Playbar
1 Wi-Fi SONOS Very good sound, it's not completely sold me yet though $699

Apple TV
1 Wi-Fi Apple TV This is my main media player, althought this is not the 4K model, $150

LG Web OS Smart TV
1 Wi-Fi LG WebOS This is my main main TV. Highly recommend OLED and this is the 4K model

NAS Synology 218+
1 Ethernet Synology Loaded with 2x 4TB NAS Drives


Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Door Sensor
2 Z-Wave Z-Wave Locations: Washer door / Back door

Plugs and Misc

Device Quantity Connection Component Notes

WeMo Mini Smart Plugs
1 Wi-Fi WeMo Useful plugs that you can automate, I like that you can use 2 per outlet



All Automations are using Node-Red (using Hassio Addins). This can be downloaded from my scrubbed file

Time Automations

  1. At 4AM (when everyone is sleeping) raise the shades (blinds) to allow more light in, in the morning.

Timed Shade Raise

The most intelligent blinds

  • When the proper elevation and azimuth is set to a blinding sun. Shut the blinds (with some follow the sun features), once the sun is not a factor open the shades again.

Smart Shades pt.1

Smart Shades pt.2

Smart Shades pt.3

Hue Switch Automations

  1. When the Tap is pressed, turn off all lights, Set AC to sleep mode, turn off TV, turn off Sonos, lock the door...
  2. When any of the Dimmer switches are held on, raise the blinds
  3. When any of the Dimmer switches are held off, lower the blinds

Switch Node-Red Screenshot

Device Change automations

  1. If the back door opens, turn on the Hue Outdoor lights
  2. If no one is home, set AC to away

Away Node-Red Screenshot

Useful Notification Automations

  1. Notify when the windspeed is over 20 miles per hour
  2. Notify airport travel and TSA wait time when vacation mode is set
  3. Notify when Humidity is too high or too low
  4. Notify if the low tonight is below freezing
  5. Plus many more....

Windspeed Node-Red Screenshot

Vacation Node-Red Screenshot

Humidity Node-Red Screenshot

Weather Automations

  1. Do not lower the blinds if the cloud cover is more than 60% (using open weather map api)

Home Node-Red Screenshot

Links Node-Red Screenshot


Home Assistant dashboard 1

Home Assistant dashboard 2

Home Assistant dashboard 3

Home Assistant dashboard 4

Home Assistant dashboard 5


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