This is a jQuery plugin that shows how Ziptastic could be used.
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Official Ziptastic jQuery plugin!

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Seamlessly integrate Ziptastic! with jQuery


Standalone Lookup

Can be used to query for a specific zip code.

$.ziptastic('US', 48867, 'your-api-key-here', function(country, state, stateCode, city, zip) {
  console.log(country, state, stateCode, city, zip);

Input Keyup Wrapper with forward geocoding (postal code)

var duration = 500;

var elements = {
    country: $('#country'),
    state: $('#state'),
    state_short: $('#state-short'),
    city: $('#city'),
    zip: $('#zip')

// Initially hide the city/state/zip;

var options = {
    "key": "<your-api-key-here>",
    "country": "US"
    .on('zipChange', function(evt, country, state, state_short, city, zip) {
        // Country;

        // State

        // City;

Using Reverse Geocoding

Just set reverseGeo to true in the options object.

var options = {
    "key": "<your-api-key-here>",
    "reverseGeo": true,
    "country": "US"