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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
Zira is a Discord Bot that allows you to react to an emoji on a message and manage a users roles.
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Bot Rewrite

This repo is now being archived, as we are working on a complete rewrite and overhaul of Zira. This code has served through thick and thin, and has been around since our team have been learning to code, and it's time to say goodbye. Our code going forward will be closed source.

You may still use this code to host your own version of a reaction role bot, but we will not offer assistance in doing so, as you can read below. We do not take responsibility for vulnerabilities in this code or problems running your own public version of the bot.

This code will simply serve as an educational repo for you to learn how to make your own bot.

In the future, we will offer hosting Zira instances for you to use in your own servers, powered by our new code, you can learn more and subscribe to updates in our support server.

Open Source Support

We do not offer support in hosting your own version of Zira, as this code is no longer up to date, and we would highly recommend using the public version, as it has security fixes and can be added with just a few mouse clicks, rather than having to setup the bot completely.

If you find issues with the public version of Zira or just need help with it, please join our support server.

Notice For People Hosting Their Own Zira Instance

If you no longer want to host your own version of Zira or want to migrate it to the public bot, join our support server and we can import your configuration files and guilds into the public version of the bot, so your users have a seamless experience.

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