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For usage info, on how to use the bot, see here.

Running the bot

The bot is currently a big dangle-on script running in your browser. Run bookmarklet.js in your browser to get it up an' running. For some tips on handling the bot, see Bot Handling.


#one must first get the repo
$ git clone
$ cd SO-ChatBot

The provided automagically does building, adds all changed items to commit and publishes for you:

$ ./ commit-message

To build manually:

$ node build.js
#to skip minification
$ node build.js no-min

The result will be in master.js and master.min.js

Minifying will run closure-compiler.jar if java is installed, and then try to run uglify-js2.

The Bot API

(, a very short explanation of a limited subset of)

For a real cover, check the source code or this wiki page or console.log(bot). Should be straightforward.

//add a bot command
    name : 'command_name',
    fun : commandFunction,

    //permissions object (can be ommitted for all-can-use, all-can-del)
    permissions : {
        use : 'NONE' /*or*/ 'ALL' /*or*/ [array of usrids],
        del : 'NONE' /*or*/ 'ALL' /*or*/ [array of usrids]

    //whether the command is asynchronous or not (default false)
    async : true /*or*/ false

//add a listening regex and a corresponding callback
    //regular expression or array of regular expressions

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