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For usage info, on how to use the bot, see here.

Running the bot

The bot is currently a big dangle-on script running in your browser. Run bookmarklet.js in your browser to get it up an' running. For some tips on handling the bot, see Bot Handling.

If you wish, you can also run it headlessly on top of phantomjs and node:

  • Install phantomjs 2 (yes, it has to be 2 and above). Differs from platform to platform.
  • Install nightmare: npm install nightmare
  • Edit your credentials into run-headless.js
  • Hit the road: env DEBUG=nightmare node run-headless.js


# one must first get the repo
$ git clone
$ cd SO-ChatBot

# linting
npm run lint

# building
$ node build.js
# or
$ npm run build

The result will be in master.js and master.min.js

The provided automagically does building, adds all changed items to commit and publishes for you:

$ ./ commit-message

The Bot API

(, a very short explanation of a limited subset of)

For a real cover, check the source code or this wiki page or console.log(bot). Should be straightforward.

//add a bot command
    name : 'command_name',
    fun : commandFunction,

    //permissions object (can be ommitted for all-can-use, all-can-del)
    permissions : {
        use : 'NONE' /*or*/ 'ALL' /*or*/ [array of usrids],
        del : 'NONE' /*or*/ 'ALL' /*or*/ [array of usrids]

    //whether the command is asynchronous or not (default false)
    async : true /*or*/ false

//add a listening regex and a corresponding callback
    //regular expression or array of regular expressions

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