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--Veins of the Earth
--Zireael 2014-2015
--based on Zizzo's ToME 2 port
require 'engine.class'
local Entity = require 'engine.Entity'
local Zone = require 'mod.class.Zone'
module(..., package.seeall, class.inherit(Entity))
_M.egos_def = {}
-- - 'good' can be true for only good egos, false for only cursed egos, or
-- nil for both.
-- - 'side' can be 'prefix' or 'suffix' for only the corresponding egos, or
-- nil for both. If specified, it will ignore whether the object already
-- has prefix/suffix egos.
-- Static
function _M:allowedEgosFor(o, good, side)
if o.unique then return {} end
local ret = {}
local ok = false
--TO DO: Get the ego list for a base item ala ToME 4
--Needs to be in the list
--[[ if egos then
for _, e in ipairs(list) do
local ok = true
--check goodness
ok = ok and (good == nil or good)
if side then
--check side
ok = ok and e[side]
elseif o.ego_names then
-- ...or, if we didn't specify a side, the object already has an ego
-- on this ego's side.
if o.ego_names.prefix then ok = ok and not e.prefix end
if o.ego_names.suffix then ok = ok and not e.suffix end
if not o.egos then return {} end
self.egos_def = self:loadList(o.egos, true)
for _, e in ipairs(self.egos_def) do
-- local ok = true
local ok = false
--Force resolve cost first
if type(e.cost) == "table" and e.cost.__resolver then e.cost = resolvers.calc[e.cost.__resolver](e.cost, e) end
-- ... or it doesn't match the requested "goodness"
ok = ok and (good == nil or (good and e.cost > 0 or e.cost <= 0))
if good == nil then ok = true
if e.cost <= 0 then ok = false
ok = true
--or side...
if side then
ok = ok and e[side]
elseif o.ego_names then
-- ...or, if we didn't specify a side, the object already has an ego
-- on this ego's side.
if o.ego_names.prefix then ok = ok and not e.prefix end
if o.ego_names.suffix then ok = ok and not e.suffix end
if ok then table.insert(ret, e) end
return ret
--[[function _M:tryAddEgos(o, good, pass2)
if o.force_ego then
-- Slight Hack(TM) to save ourselves some time.
-- If we've already got prefix and suffix egos, we can't add any more.
if o.ego_names and o.ego_names.prefix and o.ego_names.suffix then return end
local cands = self:allowedEgosFor(o, good)
for _ = 1, 10*#cands do
local e = rng.table(cands)
-- Loosely enforce minimum ego depth
-- local ok = e.level <= level or rng.chance(e.level - level)
-- Check rarity
local mr = e.rarity[2]
mr = mr - game.player:getLuckScale(-math.floor(mr/2), math.floor(mr/2))
ok = ok and rng.range(1, mr) >= e.rarity[1]
if ok then
-- We set the names here; after the parent Object:resolve() is done,
-- we'll come back behind it and apply the the egos we named here,
-- which may need to do some of their own resolve()'ing.
o.ego_names = o.ego_names or {}
o.ego_names[e.prefix and 'prefix' or 'suffix'] = e.define_as
-- Small chance of double ego.
if not pass2 and rng.percent(7 + game.player:getLuck()) then
self:tryAddEgos(o, good, true)
function _M:placeForcedEgos(e)
if not e.force_ego then return end
if type(e.force_ego) == 'string' then e.force_ego = { e.force_ego } end
for ie, ego in ipairs(e.force_ego) do
Zone:applyEgo(e, self.egos_def[ego])
-- Re-resolve with the (possibly) new resolvers
-- Static.
function _M:resolveEgos(o, last)
-- Only copy stuff out of the ego entity on the first pass.
if not last then
for _, id in pairs(o.ego_names or {}) do
local e = self.egos_def[id]
if not e then
print('[EGO] no such ego '
for _, grp in ipairs(e.resolve_data) do
if rng.percent(grp[1]) then
table.mergeAddAppendArray(o, grp[2], true)
table.mergeAddAppendArray(o, e.resolve_data.all or {}, true)
--[[ for k, v in pairs(e.resolve_data.bonus or {}) do
if v ~= 0 then
o[k] = (o[k] or 0) + rng.range(1, math.abs(v)) * (v < 0 and -1 or 1)
o.egoed = true
-- if e.rating then o.rating = (o.rating or 0) + e.rating end
-- Resolve any resolvers we just added.
o:resolve(nil, last)
-- Returns true if the two provided Objects have the same egos applied to
-- them.
-- TODO We probably also need to check for some of the various random flags
-- provided by some ego types.
-- Static.
function _M:sameEgos(o1, o2)
local en1, en2 = o1.ego_names, o2.ego_names
if not en1 and not en2 then return true end
if not en1 or not en2 then return false end
local same_pfx = (not en1.prefix and not en2.prefix) or
(en1.prefix and en2.prefix and en1.prefix == en2.prefix)
local same_sfx = (not en1.suffix and not en2.suffix) or
(en1.suffix and en2.suffix and en1.suffix == en2.suffix)
return same_pfx and same_sfx
--New functions (Zireael)
--Get list of all egos, no frills, no separating into prefixes/affixes unlike CreateItem
function _M:generateEgoList(o, good)
local list = {}
game.log("Generating ego list for "
--hackfix for the fact that o has no egos
--NOTE: relies on zone list therefore will differ by zone
--NOTE: doesn't work for items whose name doesn't equal base name due to e.g. resolvers
for i, e in ipairs( do
if and e.rarity then
if == then
o.egos = e.egos
local object = o
for id, ego in ipairs(self:allowedEgosFor(object, good)) do
list[#list+1] = { name =, id=id, desc = "", ego=ego }
list_choices = list
return list_choices
function _M:generateItemCreationEgos(o)
local list = {}
local base_list = self:generateEgoList(o, true)
for i, ego in ipairs(base_list) do
local name =
local color
local desc = ""
game.log("Ego: "
--check that it is craftable (has defined costs)
--[[ if ego and ego.creation and ego.creation.gold_cost and ego.creation.xp_cost then
local gold_cost = ego.creation.gold_cost
local xp_cost = ego.creation.xp_cost
game.log("Approved egos:"
if ( or 0) > gold_cost then color = {255, 255, 255}
else color = {255, 215, 0} desc = "Not enough gold" end
if (game.player.exp or 0) > xp_cost then color = {255, 255, 255}
else color = {81, 221, 255} desc = "Not enough XP" end]]
--don't show egos we already have
if not, name) and not ego.cursed then
list[#list+1] = { name = name, color=color, id=id, desc = desc, ego=ego }
-- end
list_choices = list
return list_choices
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