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{Dragonglass} forks to Monero's CNv8 @ block 345678 (Jan 8 2019)

Parent block tag returned. (see config changes below)

{{{{DRAGONGLASS}}}} v1.6.1.0521 Ice & Fire (27a53d2)

  • Proof of work algorithm change (CNv7 to CNv8)
  • revert block template changes.
  • reorg below MMUW limit removed

All mining pools using DRGL-pool code or equivalent cryptonote-nodejs-pool code will need to change config after hardfork height (345678). The config changes are:

 "daemonType": "default", 
 "cnAlgorithm": "cryptonight", 
 "cnVariant":  8, 
 "cnBlobType": 2, 
Assets 4