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Rare & Private Cryptocurrency....that kills white walkers. {Command Line Suite}
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20dec Pool

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Anonymous Encrypted Currency

........that kills white walkers.

Master Build Status

Build Status

Building On *nix

  1. Dependencies: GCC 4.7.3 or later, CMake 2.8.6 or later, and Boost 1.55.

You may download them from:

*** Alternatively, it may be possible to install them using a package manager by executing the following command.

sudo apt-get install build-essential git cmake libboost1.55-all-dev
  1. Clone DRGL repository
git clone
  1. Open folder with copied repository

cd dragonglass

  1. Building (Compiling)

*** Execute the following command to compile make -j4

The resulting executables can be found in build/release/src.

  1. Starting dragonglass daemon cd dragonglass/build/release/src

*** Start daemon, by typing the following command- ./dragonglassd for a list of commands in daemon type --help

alternatively or also see {DRGL GUI Wallet}

Advanced options:

  • Parallel build: run make -j<number of threads> instead of make.
  • Debug build: run make build-debug.
  • Test suite: run make test-release to run tests in addition to building. Running make test-debug will do the same to the debug version.
  • Building with Clang: it may be possible to use Clang instead of GCC, but this may not work everywhere. To build, run export CC=clang CXX=clang++ before running make.

On Windows

Dependencies: MSVC 2013 or later, CMake 2.8.6 or later, and Boost 1.55. You may download them from:

To build, change to a directory where this file is located, and run these commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 Win64" ..

And then do Build.

courtesy of Sir {WindowSlayer} Galapagos

On windows 10 Quick step by step tutorial

Activate the Bash terminal as shown in this tutorial

Start a Bash window and do as follow

1:Go to root cd

2: Run updates and install dependencies sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install build-essential git cmake libboost-all-dev

3: Git clone git clone

4: Build the files cd dragonglass make

5: Sync blocks cd build/release/src/ ./dragonglassd

!!keep this terminal running and open new terminal for next step!!

6: Start simplewallet and create wallet (navigate to the folder where you created the wallet) ~dragonglass/build/release/src$ ./simplewallet or cd dragonglass/build/release/src ./simplewallet

set up wallet name & password then start mining in wallet start_mining <number_of_threads>

use "help" in wallet to check other commands

!!Remember you have to use linux command in Bash

You'll find your folders and wallet in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\lxss\home

Building for Android on Linux

Set up the 32 bit toolchain Download and extract the Android SDK and NDK

android-ndk-r15c/build/tools/ --api 21 --stl=libc++ --arch arm --install-dir /opt/android/tool32

Download and setup the Boost 1.65.1 source

wget -O boost_1_65_1.tar.bz2
tar xjf boost_1_65_1.tar.bz2
cd boost_1_65_1

apply patch from external/boost1_65_1/libs/filesystem/src

Build Boost with the 32 bit toolchain

export PATH=/opt/android/tool32/arm-linux-androideabi/bin:/opt/android/tool32/bin:$PATH
./b2 abi=aapcs architecture=arm binary-format=elf address-model=32 link=static runtime-link=static --with-chrono --with-date_time --with-filesystem --with-program_options --with-regex --with-serialization --with-system --with-thread --with-context --with-coroutine --with-atomic --build-dir=android32 --stagedir=android32 toolset=clang threading=multi threadapi=pthread target-os=android --reconfigure stage

Build {DRGL} for 32 bit Android

mkdir -p build/release.android32
cd build/release.android32
CC=clang CXX=clang++ cmake -D BUILD_TESTS=OFF -D ARCH="armv7-a" -ldl -D STATIC=ON -D BUILD_64=OFF -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release -D ANDROID=true -D BUILD_TAG="android" -D BOOST_ROOT=/opt/android/boost_1_65_1 -D BOOST_LIBRARYDIR=/opt/android/boost_1_65_1/android32/lib -D CMAKE_POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE:BOOL=true -D BOOST_IGNORE_SYSTEM_PATHS_DEFAULT=ON ../..
make SimpleWallet

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