CONCEPT APPLICATION: Easy admin interface to GlobalsDB
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GlobalsDB-NodeJS-Admin concept

Note: this is a demo application. Code (engine) will be rewritten soon.

Update: GlobalsDB Admin released!

Easy visual interface for administrating GlobalsDB. Represents database in hierarchical tree-based view - one you haven't seen before.

Note that modules/cache.node may be corrupted because of git file encoding. If NodeJS will throw error about cache.node module, download the latest one from official site and replace your current one.


Copy files to any directory and start from admin.js file. Customize url/port settings in settings.js. Note that application is in-development and represents only main concept, so it doesn't have security at all. Use at your own risk!


Make sure that:

  • NodeJS and GlobalsDB are installed and connected with NodeJS using v1 adapter (important)
  • You replaced basic settings in settings.js with yours
  • cache.node isn't corrupted

If console throws error during startup about loading cache.node module, try to replace module file with latest module file in your GlobalsDB/bin directory. This file called like cacheXXX.node, copy and rename this file to project's /modules directory.