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Open Source Deep Sky Stacker


So, back in 2012 I started work on an open source deep sky stacker. You can see the details (with example images) on the page here:

However dev stalled when I had to move to the city for work (the light pollution is so awful here that there is nothing to see at night but the moon and orange haze :-( ). Now I have decided to push what I have done public, so it may be of use to others.

I have included 12 sample images I took with my DSLR, which you can use as a refence to see how the noise reduction works.

Current versions:

A Bash script that (ab)uses panotools/enfuse/nona from the hugin project to align and fuse images together. To run, you do it as follows: ./sample_photos/*.tif

The result will be in your CWD with the name "deepsky_stack.tif". It will also create a reference image called "non_stack_reference.tif" (which is identical to the first image provided as a positional argument.

You can compare the output of the two images to see how well the noise reduction worked. Here is one I did earlier: