A Laravel Bundle to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing.
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FactoryMuff (Laravel Bundle)

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This package is outdated. Even thought if you are using Laravel 3, I strongly recommend you to use the new FactoryMuff with composer.

The goal of this Laravel Bundle is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing. Basically a "factory_girl_rails" simplified for use with Laravel.


Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/COPYING



php artisan bundle:install factorymuff

Bundle Registration

add the following to application/bundles.php

'factorymuff' => array('auto' => true),

How it works

FactoryMuff (which stands for Factory Muffin) uses a list of 2300+ words with at least 4 characters. These words are scrambled at every execution and will not repeat unless you use all the words. In this case the list is re-started and scrambled again.

Theoretically you will not need to worry about repeating values​​, unless your application has ALOT of tests to run which may cause the wordlist to restart. If this is your case, you can simply increase wordlist in wordlist.php


Declare a public static array called $factory in your model. This array should contain the kind of values you want for the attributes.


class Message extends Eloquent
    // Array that determines the kind of attributes
    // you would like to have
    public static $factory = array(
        'user_id' => 'factory|User',
        'subject' => 'string',
        'address' => 'email',
        'message' => 'text',

    // Relashionship with user
    public function user()
        return $this->belongs_to('User');

To create model instances do the following:


class TestUserModel extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {

    public function __construct()
        // Load FactoryMuff bundle
        Bundle::start( 'factorymuff' );

    public function testSampleFactory()
        // Creates a new instance
        $message = FactoryMuff::create( 'Message' );

        // Access the relationship, because attributes
        // with kind "factory|<ModelName> creates and
        // saves the <ModelName> object and return the
        // id. And now, because of eloquent we can do
        // this:

        // And you can also get attributes for a new
        // instance
        $new_message = new Message( FactoryMuff::attributes_for( 'Message' ) )

        // For both methods (create and attributes_for
        // you can pass fixed attributes. Those will be
        // merged into the object before save.
        $muffin_message = FactoryMuff::create(
            'Message', array(
                'subject' => 'About Muffin',
                'message' => 'Its tasty!',

Kinds of attribute suported

  • string
  • Grab a random word from the wordlist. Ex: "bucket","mouse","laptop","America"
  • email
  • An word from the wordlist + domain. Ex: "smart@example.com", "Brasil@nonexist.org"
  • text
  • A text of about 7 words from the list. Ex: "something table underrated blackboard"
  • factory|ModelName
  • Will trigger the FactoryMuff::create for the given model and return it's id.
  • Any thing else
  • Will be returned. Ex: kind "tuckemuffin" will become the value of the attribute in the instantiated object.

More help

Read the source code. There is alot of comments there. ;)

or contact me.