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MongoDB Xojo Driver

This is the MongoDB driver for the Xojo programming language.

The current version of the driver only supports connections to a single server. Support for replica sets and sharding will be added in future versions of the driver.


Simply copy the BSONSerializer, JSONSerializer and MongoDriver modules from the project in the source folder to your project.

Example Code

Dim client As new MongoDriver.MongoClient() ' connect to localhost on default port
Dim db As MongoDriver.MongoDatabase
Dim coll As MongoDriver.MongoCollection
Dim cursor As MongoDriver.MongoCursor
Dim result As String
Dim resultArr () As String
Dim resultInt As Integer

if client.IsConnected then

    db = client.getDB("test") ' get database object

    coll = db.getCollection("data") ' get collection object

    resultInt = coll.count() ' get number of documents in collection

    coll.insert "{mydoc:123}" ' insert document into collection

    result = coll.findAndModify("{query:{mydoc:123},update:{mydoc:456}}") ' modify and return a single document

    ' query and loop through documents

    cursor = coll.find("{}")
    while cursor.hasNext
        result = cursor.getNext()

    coll.remove("{a:1}") ' remove document

    coll.update"{mydoc:123}", "{$set:{mydoc:234}}" ' update document

    result = db.getLastErrorObj() ' get last error JSON

    result = db.getLastError() ' get last error message

    result = db.runCommand("{count:""test:data""}") ' run database command

    result = coll.ensureIndex("{myItem:1}") ' create ascending index on field myItem

    resultArr = coll.getIndexes() ' get list of indexes

    result = coll.dropIndex("{myItem:1}") ' remove index from collection

    result = coll.dropIndexes() ' remove all indexes from collection

    result = coll.stats(1024) ' get collection stats scaled to kilobyte values"{_id:1,test:""abc""}" ' insert document"{_id:1,test:""def""}" ' update document

    resultInt = coll.totalIndexSize() ' get total size of all indexes for the collection

    resultInt = coll.copyTo("dataCopy") ' copy whole collection

    resultInt = coll.dataSize() ' get the size of the collection in bytes

    result = coll.distinct("mydoc") ' find distinct values for a specified field

    'coll = db.getCollection("somecoll") ' select collection to remove
    'resultBool = coll.drop() ' remove collection from database

    result = coll.reIndex() ' drop and recreate all indexes on collection

end if