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A whole bunch of pride flags represented as blobby cat emoji
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A collection of queer cat emoji. These are based on this emoji from Google’s Noto font. The Noto font was released by Google under the Apache 2.0 license.

Queer Cats is licensed under CC0.

Collage of five queer cats with the text Queer Cats overlaid

What’s included?

A whole bunch of pride flags represented as blobby cats!

A blobby cat coloured in the trans flag A blobby cat coloured in the sapphic flag A blobby cat holding a heart colour in the pride flag A blobby cat holding a heart colour in the autism flag

Included flags

There are currently sixteen flags included:

  • ace (asexual)
  • agender
  • arom (aromantic)
  • autism
  • bi (bisexual)
  • genderfluid
  • gerderqueer
  • intersex
  • lesbian
  • enby (non-binary)
  • pan (pansexual)
  • polyam (polyamory)
  • polysexual
  • pride
  • sapphic (a flag for all lesbians)
  • trans (transgender)

You can request new cats via a new issue on this repo or message me on Mastodon.

Structure of project

  • /Flags is where you’ll find the SVG-files used to make the emoji.

  • /PNG contains the exported PNG-files (128px)

  • /SVG contains exported SVG-files

  • Queer Cats.sketch you can open this in Sketch.

If you don’t have access to Sketch, you can also open the source materials in any other SVG editor.

Source materials

In the SVG folder you’ll find a file named Queer Cat.svg this is the main body and face of the emoji. You can use the group with an ID of “Body” as a mask for any flag (or other image you want to put on a cat’s face). The file hasn’t been optimised—all the information needed to create folders/layers in an editor should be there.


These flags have been custom made:

  • Intersex.svg
  • Sapphic.svg which is based on Maya Kern’s revision of Lydia’s design.


All SVG files should be optimised with SVGOMG and manually checked for readability.


The following flag SVG-files are sourced from Wikipedia:

  • Ace.svg
  • Agender.svg
  • Aromantic.svg
  • Autism.svg
  • Bisexual.svg
  • Demisexual.svg
  • Genderfluidity.svg
  • Genderqueer.svg
  • Lesbian.svg
  • Non-binary.svg
  • Pansexual.svg
  • Polyamory.svg
  • Polysexuality.svg
  • Pride.svg
  • Transgender.svg

In due time these will be replaced with custom made ones.

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