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AT test for Font-Awesome
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Font Awesome

Assistive Technologies (AT) test for Font Awesome and icon fonts in general. We decided to do these tests after Dylan raised an issue with Font Awesome.

Any help welcome

From code, to test results, to how to actually do decent testing. Anything is welcome.


There is a basic roadmap available. All new issues will be assigned to a fitting milestone within the roadmap.

How to go about this testing buisiness

How to add a test

  1. Copy the contents of test-template.html to tests/index.html
  2. Write test
  3. Do test
  4. Make a pull-request with a short description
  5. Be awesome!

How to add results to a test

  1. Either copy the example table row from test-template.html or;
  2. copy a table row from tests/index.html
  3. Make a pull-request with a short description
  4. Profit?

How to properly test

Depending on the icon coding technique, some or all of these scenarios will be worth testing.

In a screen reader:

  1. Linear reading, e.g. screen reader "arrow navigation"
  2. Read the icon and its text equivalent in the context of a link. Techniques vary by screen reader: e.g. tab key, rotor, or list of links
  3. Read character-at-a-time, e.g. RightArrow
  4. Read with a Braille display
  5. Repeat the above tests with different verbosity settings, especially with settings related to punctuation.

Other configurations for accessibility:

  1. Browser zoom: full page
  2. Browser zoom: text-only
  3. Windows high contrast mode
  4. Text customizations (details TBD)



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