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REMAR-Data project

Server commands

To start the server: $ sudo start uwsgi

and to stop it: $ sudo stop uwsgi

There is a cron job set to run at midnight everyday:

* 0 * * * /bin/bash /etc/crab/REMAR-Server/ShellScripts/ > /etc/crab/testlog.txt

this should read any exisiting files from the data folder and upload them to the rawcrab server. A python script is then run to sanitise the data, this is then added to the "cleancrab" database which is what the webpage accesses.

If you need to completely refresh the data (delete the databases and re-add the files), use /etc/crab/REMAR-Server/ShellScripts/


For development, I recommend ssh tunneling the DB port (5984). For example:

ssh -L 5984:localhost:5984

This will allow you to access the database from your own development envrionment from localhost.

To Run Flask App:

Install requirements, set environment variables then run.

pip install -r requirements.txt

export FLASK_DEBUG=1
flask run --host=

Couch DB

Created CouchDB rawcrab and cleancrab data.

Quick Commands:

Show all dbs curl -X GET

Show specific db curl -X GET

Add document to db curl -X PUT -d @filepath.json where test is the uuid for accessing the document again,

Shows Document curl -X GET


A new UUID is generated to be accesible on the web interface. Every original uuid is matched to the phone id, therefore phones with multiple uuids associated with them are treated as one user now.

Check for the descriptions of the data that was matched to each question.

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