Zoetrope image integration for magento websites
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This repository houses the free Magento extension that implements the Zoetrope Engage™ Image Viewer to your store.


You can install this extension through Magento Connect or by manually downloading this repository and uploading the app folder to your store and clearing your cache.


Common questions regarding installation.

404 Error in Admin Panel
After installation, logout and log back into the admin panel to avoid a 404 error due to missing ACL permissions on your current logged in session.
No Image Viewer on Product Page / Custom Theme
If you are not using the default theme directory and you do not see the image viewer on the product page you may need to copy the `app/design/frontend/default/default` folder from this extension to within your own themes directory. Clear the cache after doing this.


A demo is available for you to explore.

Frontend = http://demo.madcapsule.com/magento/zoetrope Backend = http://demo.madcapsule.com/magento/zoetrope/admin