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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this Jul 8, 2021

The windows application requires NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime.

New Features

  • Added freestanding rupees, fixed item drops, zora jar game and Dampe day 2 bat reward to the randomization pool.
    This brings the total number of locations that can be randomized from 405 to 1041.
    Note that the following are not included:
    • Drops that are already random (e.g. the grass outside Swamp Shooting Gallery)
    • Drops that are different depending on your health (e.g. pots that drop 1 or 3 hearts if you're not on full health, or 1 or 3 green rupees if you are)
  • Implemented new UI for item pool settings.
  • Replaced 'No Starting Items' checkbox with a 'Starting Items' dropdown with the following options:
    None - You will not start with any randomized starting items.
    Random - You will start with randomized starting items.
    Allow Temporary Items - You will start with randomized starting items including Keg, Magic Bean and Bottles with X.
  • Keg, Magic Bean and Bottles with X are now available as Extra Starting Items and as part of the 'Allow Temporary Items' Starting Item option.
  • The two Empty Bottles are now available as Extra Starting Items and as part of the 'Random' Starting Item option.
  • Added Small Key Mode options:
    • Doors Open - Small Key doors will always be open. Small Keys in the item pool will be replaced with other items.
    • Keep Within Dungeons - Randomization algorithm will place any randomized Small Keys into a location within the same region, even if the Small Key has been replaced via another Small Key Mode.
  • Added Boss Key Mode options:
    • Doors Open - Boss doors will always be open. Boss Keys in the item pool will be replaced with other items.
    • Keep Within Dungeons - Randomization algorithm will place any randomized Boss Keys into a location within the same region, even if the Boss Key has been replaced via another Boss Key Mode.
  • Added Dungeon Fairy Mode options:
    • Chests Only - Stray Fairies in the item pool will be replaced with other items. Non-chest fairies (roaming, bubbles, beehives, etc.) are removed. Chests that ordinarily have a Stray Fairy will behave like normal chests.
    • Keep Within Dungeons - Randomization algorithm will place any randomized Stray Fairies into a location within the same region, even if the Stray Fairy has been replaced via another Dungeon Fairy Mode.
  • New cosmetic option 'Instant Pictobox on Emulator' which removes antialiasing in the pictobox photo. This option makes the pictobox take photos instantly. VC and N64 already take photos quickly, but also benefit slightly from this setting.
  • New comfort option 'Improved Pictobox'.
    Display extra text showing which type of picture was captured by the Pictobox.
  • New 'Faster Bank Text' option under Shorten Cutscenes -> General.
    This skips the irrelevant messages at the bank, and lets you use Z/R to change the amount to min/max.
  • Copied icon to the MMR.CLI.exe
  • You can now open .mmr patch files via right click > Open With and selecting either MM Randomizer.exe or MMR.CLI.exe
    Opening via MM Randomizer.exe will open the UI with the Patch settings tab selected and the patch file selected. You can then apply any cosmetics.
    Opening via MMR.CLI.exe will apply the patch using whatever settings you have saved in your settings.json file.
    If you've opened the UI and selected your input rom location and an output type of either z64 or wad, then this is a quick way to apply a patch. Then if you associate .mmr files with MMR.CLI.exe then you could simply double click the mmr file to generate the z64/wad.
  • Fixed vanilla issues with Mikau on day/night 2 or 3 when Great Bay is cleared. The cutscenes now work properly, making it possible to heal him, and to listen to his story without softlocking.


  • The default output filename is now prepended with 'MMR-{version}-'.
  • Added the two Empty Bottles (with no contents) as available starting items (both random and extra).
  • Renamed All Night Mask to All-Night Mask
  • Renamed All Night Mask Purchase to All-Night Mask Purchase.
  • Tweaked relevant hints adjusting which items and locations can be hinted on which gossip stones, and allowing rupees to be hinted.
  • Changed the Item Pool categories in the UI to be categorized by item type. Beta Note: Would like feedback on this.
  • Brightened the color of the magic power and extended magic power models to distinguish them from magic jar drops.
  • Made outdoor ranch cows give same items as indoor ranch cows in case the trick is used to milk them.
  • Ice Traps no longer turn into Recovery Hearts when being picked up multiple times.
  • Made continuous Deku hopping gimmick only affect air speed after actually pressing A to use it.
  • Made non-randomized items not show up in the HTML Item Tracker or the Spoiler Log.
  • Made the HTML Item Tracker not reveal spoilers on hover anymore, only reveal while holding click on them. The still get revealed when the checkbox is checked.
  • Updated world models setting now also updates models during Zora/Goron/Gibdo Mask cutscenes. Some models don't align well; this won't be fixed.
  • When music is randomized, the morning music is now removed to avoid crashes.
  • Adjusted item randomization order to reduce instances of 'unable to place X anywhere' errors.
  • Added laundry pool door bell to randomized SFX.
  • Updated instruments for milk bar performance song to use the instruments selected by the player.
  • Transposed various instruments in the mk64-tt track and changed the unpleasant sounding accordion intro to a string instrument that sounds more pleasant.
  • Reduced volume of sm64-steps.
  • Changed instruments used for oot-spirittemple to sound better. NOTE: anyone with a custom SEQS.txt file must change the oot-spirittemple instrument set from 11 to 21

Glitched Logic

  • Updated for the new locations and fixed some issues.

Casual Logic

  • Updated for the new locations.
  • Fixed Swordman's School Pots to require Any B Sword instead of Any Sword.
  • Added 'Faster Bank' logic trick. Bank 2 now requires either Any Wallet or Faster Bank. Bank 3 now requires either Any Wallet + Faster Bank, or Giant Wallet.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typo in Mountain Scrub text ("effords" -> "efforts").
  • Fixed progressive items not taking stolen sword into account.
  • Fixed Fierce Deity Mask being removed from your inventory if you die to Majora after giving all your masks to the moon children. Also stop the game from preventing you from using non-FD transformation masks during the Majora fight after giving all your masks to the moon children.
  • Made powder keg goron not check your inventory for a Powder Keg when giving the reward for completing the challenge.
  • Fixed typo in location name "Stone Tower Armos Room Chest".
  • Fixed enemy randomizer preventing Dampe from giving his 30 rupee reward.
  • Fixed enemy randomizer sometimes putting a Skulltula in the Lens Cave that, when killed, mades the rock covering the chest not spawn when re-entering the area.
  • Made songs not mixed with items be placed in an order that makes it possible to enforce junk on a song location if you've added a song as an extra starting item.
  • Fixed issue where the player could interrupt receiving the reward for gathering the Zora eggs.
  • Fixed Couple's Mask not showing up in the credits during the part where the masks spin.
  • Fixed issue that allowed you to repeatedly acquire items not intended to be reacquired at the Goron Mask check.
  • Fixed logic algorithm incorrectly being unable to place some items.
    For example, it would fail to place Goron Lullaby on Baby Zoras, because Epona's Song was on Goron Baby.
  • Fixed logic algorithm incorrectly placing items which would result in 'Moon Access is unobtainable' error.
    For example, one of the conditions for HSW Grotto chest is Snowhead Clear. If the item placed there cannot be obtained by clearing snowhead, and Goron Lullaby is on Boss Blue Warp, then all conditionals for Boss Blue Warp were being incorrectly removed, resulting in items being placed in locations that require Goron Lullaby not accounting for being able to clear a dungeon.
  • Fixed ice traps not being able to repeatedly freeze the player when multiple ice traps are picked up.
  • Fixed ice traps not working very well with shops. You now have to stop interacting with the shop keeper for any ice traps to take effect.
  • Fixed issue in logic editor when deleting an item.
  • Fixed "Unrestricted Items on Epona" glitch for non-human forms
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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this Jan 10, 2021

  • Fixed issue with progressive items on Kafei and Gorman.
  • Prevented Toilet Hand HP check from having a temporary item (when using any Logic). I couldn't find any nicer way of preventing business scrub relocation causing potentially unbeatable seeds. Might fix this a different way one day.
  • Changed CLI argument "-patch" to "-outputpatch". Added new CLI argument "-inputpatch" to specify the path to a .mmr patch file.
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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this Dec 27, 2020

Fixed issue preventing patches created with CLI from being applied using the UI.

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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this Dec 27, 2020

New Features

  • Updated Business Scrub behavior
    They now relocate if their destination is vacant. If they don't successfully relocate, they will return back to their home and continue selling items. If you then talk to them in a form that can trade a title deed to them, they will fly away and let you use the Deku Flower.
  • New Main Setting (Other Customizations) - Progressive Upgrades
    When enabled, Swords, Wallets, Magic, Bomb Bags and Bow/Quivers will be found in their intended order.
    Logic should automatically handle this option, including glitched and user logic, and including requiring higher capacity for Quivers, Bomb Bags, Wallets, Swords and Magic Power.
    If Extra Starting Items related to Progressive Upgrades are chosen, you will start with what would logically be progressive. E.g. if you add just Gilded Sword as an Extra Starting Item, and don't randomize the Kokiri Sword, you will start with the Razor Sword, and the first and only sword upgrade you find will give you the Gilded Sword.
  • New Gimmick - Ice Traps
    Junk Items will be replaced with ice traps, which freeze Link and damage him until he breaks out of it. When in Zora form, ice traps will cause you to void out (except in boss rooms).
    Number of Ice Traps can be configured between None, Normal, Extra, Mayhem and Onslaught.
    Ice Traps can be configured to appear as Major Items, Junk Items or either.
    Ice Traps - Enable Quirks option makes Ice Traps behave slightly different from other items.
  • New Gimmick - Continuous Deku Hopping
    Press A while hopping across water to keep hopping.
  • New Comfort Option - Elegy speedups
    After playing the Elegy of Emptiness, it immediately takes effect and returns control of Link to you.
    Also speeds up block and camera movement during the Stone Tower climb.
  • New Cosmetic Option - Disable Combat Music
    Disables combat music around all regular (non boss or miniboss) enemies in the game.
  • New Adult Link model and handling of model provided by SkilarsArt mod.
  • New Overlay menu on pause screen. Hold L or D-Up on the Inventory or Mask screen to view the overlay. The overlay displays your Dungeon Items (Boss Remains, Small Key count, Boss Key, Dungeon Map, Compass, Stray Fairy count) and Skulltula Token count.
  • Updated Tunic color cosmetic - added separate options for each form's tunic color including an option to not alter the tunic color at all.
  • New Cosmetic - Instrument
    Instrument lets you choose from various instruments. Or choose Random.
  • New Cosmetic - Randomize Hue of Miscellaneous UI
    Shifts the hue of various UI elements.
  • New Gimmick - Nut and Stick Drops.
    Increases the number of field drops of Deku Nuts and Deku Sticks.
  • New Cosmetic - Low Health SFX.
    Can pick a specific sound, disable it, or let the randomizer pick a random one.
  • New Cosmetic - Form Energy color.
    Each transformation form tab can now set an energy color for the form.
    Human - Colors of Spin Attack and Great Spin Attack.
    Deku - Color of dust effect and sparkles while using a deku flower.
    Goron - Color of the Punch and the Roll energy.
    Zora - Color of the energy shield.
    Fierce Deity - Color of the sword sparkles and beam.


  • A Unix build of wadpacker is now bundled with the randomizer in the vc folder.
  • Update Shops
    Item models in shops and item names in messages now update to more accurately reflect the item to be received. E.g. Items that become Recovery Hearts now change their appearance in shops and change their name in messages; Bottle with Red Potion now changes appeareance and name to that of Red Potion; etc.
    Tingle Shops message box now displays more like the Milk Bar. (instead of "Item Name 20 Rupees" it now says "Item Name: 20 Rupees")
    Replaced message when lottery is won so that it doesn't say 50 Rupees.
  • Shorten cutscenes
    Changed from being one checkbox to being a separate main tab. The Shorten Cutscenes tab contains more tabs of different categories of shortened cutscenes. Most of the pre-existing shortened cutscenes are part of the General - Everything Else option.
    Added new options to the General tab:
    • Milk Bar Performance: Shortens the cutscenes in the Milk Bar when performing for Toto.
    • Blast Mask Thief: No longer have to wait for Sakon to escape after defeating him in North Clock Town.
    • Fisherman Game: Fisherman Game now immediately ends when you get 20 points.
    • Boat Archery: Boat Archery minigame now immediately ends when you get 20 points. Swamp Boat Cruise boat now travels significantly faster.
    • Hungry Goron: You will not be interrupted when you approach the goron and don't have to watch him roll away.
    • Tatl Interrupts: Previously part of the Shorten Cutscenes option, this removes most instances of Tatl interrupting you.
      New Tab - Boss Intros. Skip the intro cutscenes of Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, Twinmold, Majora, Wart, Igos du Ikana and Gomess.
      Final night midnight fireworks cutscene in South Clock Town is removed, and the stairs to the roof open without having to reload the scene or take control away from the player.
  • Split Comfort/Cosmetics tab into two separate tabs - "Comfort" and "Cosmetics".
  • Low and Super Low Gravity gimmicks now affect goron rolling, zora dolphin dives, popping out of deku flowers, bombs, powder kegs, cuccos.
  • If Quest Item Extra Storage is enabled, Trade and Quest items are no longer repeatable in the same cycle. I.e. Per cycle, there is only one Moon's Tear, one of each Title Deed, one Letter to Kafei, one Express Mail, one Pendant of Memories, one Room Key.
  • Improvements to Random Music.
  • Add more SFX to the SFX Randomizer and updated some SFX categories.
  • The Zora Cape wall near the owl statue is now too high for Fiece Deity to climb when the Fierce Deity Anywhere gimmick is enabled.
  • Updated Seahorse and Moon's Tear related NPC messages when Update World Models is enabled.
  • Patch Files (.mmr) can now only be applied by the same build of the randomizer that generated them.
  • Moved resources from external to internal storage. The music folder should now be in the same folder as the exe file, instead of in the Resources folder, which has been removed.
  • Added a more useful error message when trying to output a wad without having the vc folder.
  • Added ability to set an output path in CLI via the -output argument. VC output can now handle relative filename.
  • Reorganized the Gimmicks tab.
  • Added ability to start with Tingle Maps and Great Spin Attack, both for Extra Starting Items and as random starting items.
  • Shop Cursor color now changes to be the same as the color set for the A button.
  • Added Baby Zoras as a competitive hint location when songs are mixed with items. Priority is above double minigames but below Frog Choir / Anju and Kafei.

Casual Logic

  • Updated to take Business Scrub relocation into account - Swamp Scrub Purchase can now be acquired without Deku Mask if you have Moon's Tear and Land Title Deed; Mountain Scrub Purchase can now be acquired without Goron Mask if you have Moon's Tear, Land Title Deed, Swamp Title Deed and Deku Mask.
  • Fixed some issues.
  • Added 'OSH Storage Room Clip' trick.
  • Removed incorrect conditional from Woodfall Bridge Room Hive.
  • Added Deku + Magic as conditional for Honey and Darling 50r.
  • Fixed Stone Mask check to take Goron Fence Jump trick into account.
  • Poisoned Water as Goron now correctly requires a way to kill the Big Octo.
  • Removed Any Sword from the requirements of Inverted Stone Tower Temple access.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed softlock that occurred when receiving a reward after defeating Igos du Ikana while in the air (and some other circumstances).
  • Fixed D-Pad being briefly usable at the start of Goron Race and Beaver Race.
  • Fixed issue with the Ikana Canyon Business Scrub when using Vanilla Layout.
  • Fixed Goron Elder's Son to not check if you have a bottle when starting the Goron Race.
  • Fixed issue that caused a skulltula token item model to not load and appear invisible if there were already 8 unique item models loaded previously. This was possible if all the skulltulas in the 2nd room of the Ocean Spider House had different models.
  • Fixed error that occurred when using non-clear Competitive hints.
  • Fixed bug with D-Pad being usable on Epona.
  • Fixed error when double clicking empty space in Go To in logic editor.
  • Fixed curiosity shop not properly removing Big Bomb Bag and All Night Mask from the shop's inventory after buying them (which resulted in a crash when you try to buy them again).
  • Fixed crash that can occur when loading a room while some item models are still rendering.
  • Fixed Bio Baba Grotto Heart Piece rotation.
  • Fixed Dungeon Entrance Randomizer issues.
    Day Transition after exiting a dungeon no longer takes you to another scene with potential softlock.
    Wrong Warp to deku transformation cutscene now works as normal. (Other similar glitches should work too.)
    Termina Field now goes into "cycle 1" mode when you don't have an Ocarina.
    Trying to use Oath to Order on the clock tower roof top when you don't have an Ocarina no longer takes you to the moon.
    Non-shortened cutscenes no longer take you to the wrong dungeon exit after the Giants cutscene.
  • Adult Link can now handle pushing Mikau.
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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this Jun 13, 2020

Updated Competitive Hints

  • Changed song WotH from "must lead to a required randomized item or song" to "must lead to a required randomized item".
  • Reduced hint priority of Goron Race from 0 to -2 to bring it in line with other Sometimes Hints.
  • Set hint priority of Seahorses to -2 to add it to the Sometimes Hints.
  • Added ability for competitive hints to be combined. When appropriate, the following locations will be combined into one hint:
    Aliens Defense and Cremia ("Ranch Sisters Defense");
    Beaver Race 1 and Beaver Race 2 ("Beaver Races");
    Town Archery 1 and Town Archery 2 ("Town Archery");
    Swamp Archery 1 and Swamp Archery 2 ("Swamp Archery");
    Ocean Spider House Day 1 Reward, Ocean Spider House Day 2 Reward and Ocean Spider House Day 3 Reward ("Ocean Spider House");
    Deku Playground Three Days and Deku Playground Any Day ("Deku Playground");
    Honey and Darling Three Days and Honey and Darling Any Day ("Honey and Darling").
  • WotH, Always and Sometimes Hints can now only be placed on a gossip stone if none of the items that the hint is about are needed to get to the gossip stone. Foolish Hints can be placed anywhere, as before.

Updated Casual Logic

  • Added Deku+Magic as conditional for Honey and Darling 50r.
  • Added 'OSH Storage Room Clip' as a trick to get Ocean Skulltula Storage Room Jar.
  • Removed incorrect conditional from Woodfall Bridge Room Hive.
  • Added 'Take Damage' as a requirement wherever 'Long Jump' is required.
  • Fixed logic for Frog Choir, which now correctly requires Ice Arrows.
  • Fixed logic for Ocean Spider House HP to account for 'Goron Fence Jump' trick.
  • Song of Storms check now allows fighing as either Zora or Goron instead of having a Sword.
  • Updated Snowhead Temple trick logic.
  • Fixed logic for Well Cow Milk to require magic for Light Arrows when going into the well from the back.
  • Fixed logic for Great Bay Coast Grotto Cows to require Epona's Song.
  • Fixed requirement for 'Goron Pound onto Ledges' trick.
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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this May 10, 2020

  • Updated Casual Logic to make using blast mask require either Any Shield or Take Damage.
  • Fixed issue with Death is Moon Crash gimmick that caused a softlock when you soar to a dungeon entrance.
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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this May 9, 2020

New Features

  • New Comfort/Cosmetic option: Update world models.
    Shows world models as their actual item instead of the original item. This includes Pieces of Heart, Heart Containers, Skulltula Tokens, Stray Fairies, Moon's Tear and the Seahorse.
  • New option to be able to cycle through different arrow types by pressing R while an arrow is notched. When arrow cycling is enabled, magic arrows will only consume magic when fired, and will show the yellow indicator for how much magic they will use.
  • New option to play background music at night time.
  • New comfort option Close Cows, which makes only the closest cow respond when playing Epona's Song for a group of cows.
  • New gimmick BYO Ammo. Arrows, Bombs, and Bombchu on B button will not be provided. You must bring your own. Logic Modes other than No Logic will account for this.
  • New gimmick 'Death is Moon Crash'.
  • Added ability for items in the Logic Editor to be marked as 'Tricks'. Those tricks can then be selected using the Toggle Tricks button next to Mode/Logic


  • Removed Settings string. Spoiler logs now just show the JSON format of the settings.
  • Updated Casual Logic with selectable tricks. Glitched Logic tricks will come in a future update.
  • Quest Items will now always be consumed when used if the Quest Item Extra Storage is enabled.
  • Added fast push support for pulling Oceanside Spider House shelves outward and pushing Mikau to shore.
  • Added unique error message for using a unparsable music filename.
  • The ability to use Fierce Deity's Mask anywhere is now an optional gimmick.
  • The bank reward threshold reduction is now an optional Speedup.
  • Dying as non-human form now always transforms you back to human form, instead of only doing so if you have the Deku Mask.
  • Added unique item model for Double Defense.
  • Swamp and Ocean Skulltula Tokens now have separate colors when randomized.
  • Different Stray Fairy types now have separate colors when randomized.
  • The item model color for each song now matches the song's color in the inventory screen. All top-row songs are white; bottom-row songs are green/red/blue/orange/purple.
  • Updated more UI to match the customized HUD colors.
  • Happy Mask Salesman now says the dialog to recover Majora's Mask, instead of recovering your Ocarina.
  • Added more SFX to the SFX randomizer pool.
  • Randomized music search now detects music files in subfolders, allowing for easier music organization.
  • Randomzied music using custom instrument sets can now reuse the same instrument set for multiple songs.
  • Randomized music slots un-heard with shortened cutscenes no longer waste songs and bank slots (also Zelda's theme).
  • Randomized music songlog song -> slot direction has been swapped to slot -> song direction to match the rest of the spoiler log convention.
  • Improved filtering in the Logic Editor item selection window.
  • Added ability to rename items and remove unused items in the Logic Editor.
  • Added ability to clone a conditional requirement in the Logic Editor.
  • Shorten Cutscenes now shortens the Song of Soaring cutscene.
  • Taking 0 damage in 1-hit KO mode no longer kills you.
  • Updated D-Pad icon and add ability to customize its color.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed No Music issue.
  • Fixed boss warp not transforming link to human form.
  • Fixed Mountain Smithy text to be as initially intended by DeathBasket.
  • Actors now prompt the player to deliver an item that's stored in Extra Storage.
  • Fixed direction that the Link Mask faces in the shop.
  • Fixed bug where music files over 50 characaters long would stop randomization.
  • Fixed bug where not enough music available would stop randomization.
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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this Mar 23, 2020

New Features

  • Majorly restructured the UI.
  • Command Line Interface.
    MMR.CLI is now included in the randomizer download. It requires the .NET Core 3.1 Runtime, which can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    Windows users: Run MMR.CLI.exe [options]
    Other users: Run dotnet MMR.CLI.dll [options]
    Use option -help to see a list of options.
  • Customizable HUD
    Health, magic, clock, map, buttons, rupee icon can now have their color set in the Comfort/Cosmetics tab. Right-click for various options.
    Additional randomization options available for Health and Magic.
  • Improved handling of Music Randomization
    Unwanted music tracks may now be safely deleted from the Resources/music folder and they won't appear in-game anymore.
    Extra music tracks may now be added to the Resources/music folder. See for more information.
  • Quest Item Extra Storage
    Moon's Tear / Title Deeds, Letter to Kafei / Pendant of Memories, and Room Key / Express Mail now have extra inventory space. Press A on the inventory slot to swap between items.
  • Save / Load Settings
    User settings are now saved in a file and loaded up next time the program starts. All settings are saved including your input ROM file path, and D-Pad and HUD customization.
    There are also toolbar options to Save / Load Settings. These will only save and load settings related to gameplay (i.e. settings that can't be modified when applying a patch). Cosmetic settings (not to be confused with the entire Comfort/Cosmetics tab) such as Tunic Color, Tatl Color, etc. will not be saved or loaded, nor will file settings such as input ROM file path, and your Game Output / Tool Output settings.
  • New Gimmicks
    Enable Sun's Song will have the player start with the Sun's Song. Use it at your own risk, there are no safety measures in place that prevent you from accidentally getting a Game Over.
    Underwater Ocarina will allow the player to use the Ocarina underwater.
  • New Comfort / Cosmetic options
    Added speedup option for faster pushing (affects pushblocks, ice blocks, GBT faucets).
    Added option to disable crit wiggle.
    Added option to default Z-Targeting style to Hold.
  • New Output option Hash Icons .png
    5 icons will be drawn on the file select screen, and those same icons will be output as a PNG.
    The icons are determined by the hash of the gameplay elements of the ROM, and can be used to verify that you're playing the same seed as someone else.
    The option is forced to be enabled when outputting a .mmr patch file.


Casual Logic

  • Added Moon's Tear + Deku Mask as an option for the South Clock Town 20r chest.
  • Cleaned up Wallet logic to prevent unexpected foolish Wallets.
  • Fixed Curiosity Shop 20r to require a bottle with the trading post fairy.

Competitive Hints

  • Changed hint system back to Way of the Hero / Foolish.
  • Changed hint distribution to 4 Way of the Hero and 3 Foolish hints. If songs are not mixed with items, the number of Way of the Hero hints will be reduced to 3.
  • Songs may now only be Way of the Hero if they lock a required randomized item.
  • Up to 3 Way of the Hero regions may now be solely due to having a required song.
  • Limit the number of Clock Town Way of the Hero regions to 2. (This includes North/South/East/West Clock Town, Stock Pot Inn, and Laundry Pool)
  • Reduced the hint priority of the Fisherman Game hint.
  • Prevented a location that is being used as an "always" hint from generating a Way of the Hero hint too.
  • Restyled the woth/foolish hint colors.

SFX Randomizer

  • Add more sound effect sources.
  • Fixed file select sound effects and randomize more of its sound effects.
  • Fix Guay sound effects.
  • Randomize dog attack sound effect.
  • Wallmaster sound effect is now randomized.
  • Catching Bomber kids and inputting the correct Bomber Code is now randomized to the same sound effect as the Title Logo.


  • Can now be positioned left or right side of the screen, or hidden.
  • Can now be used to skip transformation cutscene.

Fierce Deity

  • Game no longer softlocks when shopping at the Bomb Shop.
  • Game no longer softlocks when talking to Jim, other Bombers, or the Bomber Guard.
  • Game no longer softlocks when attempting to do Town Archery.

Free-standing Pieces of Heart
This is NOT the World Models feature that's coming in 1.12

  • Free-standing Pieces of Heart now appear and behave as Recovery Hearts when appropriate. If they give an item that can only be collected once (such as a Mask), from that point on they will be Recovery Hearts, even in a new cycle. If they give an item that can be collected once per cycle (such as a Key or a Rupee), they will be Recovery Hearts for the remainder of the cycle. If they give an item that can be collected multiple times per cycle (such as a quest item, trade item, ammo, or potion) they will remain as a Piece of Heart forever, and can be collected multiple times per cycle. This brings their behavior closer to how they would behave normally.

Kafei Player Model
When playing as Kafei:

  • Custom tunic color now applies to the Kafei model instead of the Link model.
  • The Kafei Mask icon is replaced with a Link Mask icon.


  • Randomized skulltula tokens now force you to close the message box when receiving an item.
  • Added a new Stock Pot Inn region and move related checks out of the East Clock Town region. This affects the spoiler log and Competitive Hint settings.
  • Update tooltip for Mundane Rewards checkbox to refer to the Manual.
  • Shorten Cutscenes now also removes various Tatl interruptions.
  • Made the shortened Song of Time cutscene music play when if music is not randomized (instead of playing the Sun's Song).
  • Move Logic Editor from Customization into a new Tools menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Calling the giants before you have all four boss remains no longer leaves you in a Termina Field cutscene map.
  • Closing the Bombers' Notebook no longer crashes the game.
  • D-Pad properly adjusts for on-screen timers.
  • Fixed green text on B button before obtaining magic.
  • Improved stability of the Music option None and removed the (Risky) label.
  • Fixed some Tatl color scheme issues.
  • Madame Aroma in Office no longer gives a reward more than once per cycle. If her reward is a permanent item, she now acts appropriately.
  • The Clock Town stray fairy no longer reappears multiple times per cycle when randomized.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the use of the Mask Storage glitch.
  • Fixed cryptic hint for Bank Reward 2.
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@ZoeyZolotova ZoeyZolotova released this Dec 7, 2019

New Features

  • D-Pad Configuration by Cat/saneki. By default it is enabled and configured: D-Up Deku Mask; D-Left Goron Mask; D-Right Zora Mask; D-Down Ocarina. The D-Pad can be configured when applying a patch.
  • New option to force selected locations to only be randomized to junk items (items that would appear in a small wooden chest and aren't used by the selected logic mode). This feature is disabled when using No Logic.


  • Town guards now allow Fierce Deity Link to pass through.
  • Town guards no longer stop human Link except to inform him how to get back his stolen sword.
  • Restored the clock bell sound when dawn/dusk is approaching and after midnight on final night. This also restores the South Clock Town fireworks cutscene.
  • The screen shrinking effect that happens before dawn, which was supposed to be removed but still happened when changing scenes, no longer occurs when changing scenes.
  • Re-ordered the spoiler log to be more logical rather than alphabetical.
  • Renamed Great Bay Cape to Zora Cape (and related locations renamed too).
  • Prevent bottle content items from being at Keaton Mask check (aka Curiosity Shop Man #1).
  • The owl near the Lens of Truth cave now always spawns, whether you have the Lens of Truth or not.
  • Update to Competitive Hints option.
    Lab Fish hint is now skipped if the speedup is enabled. All Night Mask hint is now skipped if shop models are enabled. In their place, Fisherman Game and Butler Race will be used as the next highest priority competitive hints.
    High-priority hints such as Great Fairy rewards will now always have a guaranteed hint if randomized (and not forced to be junk), instead of only when their item is required.
    Great Fairy reward hints will be skipped if Stray Fairies are randomized.
    Spider House reward hints will be skipped if Skulltula Tokens are randomized.
    Guaranteed Hints now prefer to come in pairs, instead of sometimes coming alone.
    Replaced "Way of the Hero" and "Foolish" hints with functionally similar hints. There will now be 2 "important items" hints, which tell you how many important items are in a region; and 3 "no important items" hints, which tell you if a region has no important items. Important Items are items that can logically lead to beating the game, and aren't locked behind other verions of themselves (e.g. quivers that are at archery games are not important).
    Giant's Mask is now forced to be an Important Item instead of a Required Items when using Casual Logic. If using User Logic, Giant's Mask can still be a Required Item.
    Songs in a region now count toward the number of important items in it. If songs are mixed with items, songs can also count toward the number of required items in a region. This means, for example, that if Ikana Castle has zero important items, then the song there is not important; if it has one important item, that means the heart piece must be it (since the song can't be important by itself unless songs are mixed with items) and the song is not required (e.g. Song of Storms); if it has two important items then both the heart piece and the song are important.
  • Updated Casual Logic
    Deku Princess now only requires one bottle. The program changes this to two bottles when scoops are randomized.
    Hookshot and Zora Egg conditionals with Deku Mask now also specify Magic Meter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Milk Bottle not coming with a bottle if you've milked a cow when cow milk has not been randomized.
  • Fix logic not considering bottle contents to be temporary items.
  • Fix glitchy text messages. (e.g. Youg o t aBl u eRupee!I t' swo r t h 5Ru pees!)
  • Item ammo count no longer changes color when you don't have a magic meter.
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Nov 17, 2019