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TicTacToe with Flask, Reactjs, Flux, and Redis

A simple tic tac toe game built with Flask, with Flux and Reactjs on the frontend, and Redis to maintain the state of the game.

Setting it up on your Environment:

  1. Clone the repo,
  2. Make sure you have Redis installed
  3. In the root directory, run pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. In the root directory, run npm install
  5. In the root directory, run bower install
  6. Start the app by running sh

Some questions perhaps?

Why not just have everything on the client side without Flask or Redis?

A: The server determines the next move for the AI and also maintains the state of the game. This ensures that the player can't cheat their way to a win by modifying anything on the front end.

Why Flux?

A: Because it's a nice way to maintain the flow of dynamic data throughout the game.

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