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Wiki Documentation Reader

Author: Heikki Juva,

Date: 28.06.2013

Description: This program can be used to link project files to wiki-based documentation of the files. Tested with Mediawiki and GitHub-wiki.


  • Online wiki-site
  • Documenting project files in wiki
  • Naming pages with the relative pathname of the file (Relative to project root, the folder that contains wikidoc.conf)
  • Python


  • Currently this program is only tested in Linux-environment
  • You can add handy service menu action for opening the file with wikidoc. To enable this, copy the openwikidoc.desktop-file to your servicemenu-folder. To find out path to this folder run "kde4-config --path services". Better explanation about servicemenu-scripts, see
  • If you are using Gnome, check this out:
  • Mediawiki gives user to define pagenames with '/'-characters in them. GitHub uses wiki that converts these to '-'. To make this library support different wikis, wikipage_s-config was added. You can define this separation character in wikidoc.conf-file, and the slash is replaced with this character if it's defined.

The operation of this program is following:

  • Read target file as argument
  • Iterate full path of the file as long as function finds a folder that contains wikidoc.conf-file, this indicates that the folder is project root
  • Read wiki location and optional auth parameters from wikidoc.conf-file
  • Open wiki-site in browser

Sample project folder structure:

  • wikidoc.conf
  • /server
    • /modules
      • sample.php
    • /frontend
      • frontend.php
  • /public
    • /css
    • /js
      • init.js
      • /ux
        • form.js
        • panel.js
  • /data
    • data.json

Sample wikidoc.conf-file:


wikipage_s: -

Path used for sample.php: /server/modules/sample.php