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import "ecc/babyjubjubParams.code" as context
// Add two points on a twisted Edwards curve
// Curve parameters are defined with the last argument
def main(field[2] pt1, field[2] pt2, field[10] context) -> (field[2]):
field a = context[0]
field d = context[1]
field u1 = pt1[0]
field v1 = pt1[1]
field u2 = pt2[0]
field v2 = pt2[1]
field uOut = (u1*v2 + v1*u2) / (1 + d*u1*u2*v1*v2)
field vOut = (v1*v2 - a*u1*u2) / (1 - d*u1*u2*v1*v2)
return [uOut, vOut]
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