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Zola CLI npm version

Zola’s CLI is used to manage Zola projects from the command line.


You can run zola --help to display the list of available commands.

zola login: Allows you to log in to your Zola account. This is the first thing you should do as we need to authenticate you.

zola link <project name>: Links the current directory to the corresponding Zola project. This is required since we need to know which project you’re trying to interact with. Note that you can pass the --project <project name> flag manually for every command instead.

zola extract: Automatically extracts all the keys from your code and uploads them.

zola add <key name> [default value]: Allows you to add a key manually. You can add a value for the default locale if you wish as second argument.

zola remove <key name>: Allows you to remove a key manually.

zola prune: Allows you to prune your unused keys. You will be prompted to confirm the keys deletions.


BSD-3 License. See LICENSE.