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Brainfuck Interpreter in Java/Groovy, with a Groovy DSL
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Code Review

Inspired by the Rubberduck project for VBA, this project is called Brainduck (it was either that or Rubberf... erhm...)

Brainduck is a tool for Brainfuck written in Java and Groovy


  • Can run Brainfuck programs
  • Editor with line numbers
  • Step through the code to see what happens
  • Code Analysis
  • Memory Analysis

Planned features

  • Groovy DSL (Domain-Specific-Language) for writing Brainfuck programs
  • Fully-fledged debugger, with breakpoints
  • Brainfuck code to Groovy code conversion
  • Support for test-cases
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Showing Errors and Warnings in Editor
  • Showing Tips for how to improve the Brainfuck code

Try it

git clone
cd Brainduck
./gradlew dist

A *-all.jar file can be found in Brainduck/build/libs/, run it with java -jar *-all.jar

Or download the latest *-all.jar version from my Jenkins

See also

My contributions to the Brainfuck tag on Code Review

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