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Thank You to Those who have Contributed

We continue to thank those that have contributed to the ZoneMinder project. We are always in need of volunteers, not just to write code, but to help manage the user forum, manage wiki content, write documentation, test the latest master branch, etc. There is always far more work to do than people available to do the work.

This version of ZoneMinder includes a new look, which means our documentation is in need of being updated. The only requirement is a desire to learn a fairly intuitive markdown language. Please consider volunteering your time.

What's New

There are significant changes to this release.

Here is a brief summary:

  • A re-worked web console, compared to the previous 1.30.4 release
  • record to mp4 container
  • record audio
  • support for php 7.x
  • Arbitrary website as a non-recordable, interactive monitor.
  • Updated Montage Review
  • Options-> Paths moved into config files under conf.d folder
  • Multiple storage paths are supported. See Options -> Storage
  • The old method of bind mounting the event folder is no longer needed nor recommended
  • Additional system statistics on the web console
  • Raspberry pi OMX hardware h264 decoder support
  • Event thumbnails play video on mouseover
  • Drag and drop sorting of monitors
  • Scalability improvements
  • Support for Redhat el6 distros and clones has been removed

Existing Users

For those of you upgrading from a previous version of ZoneMinder:

  • The upgrade scripts will take longer than normal to run, especially if you have many events
  • Your previous settings on the Options -> Paths tab have been moved into the file zmcustom.conf which is typically found under /etc/zm/conf.d
  • Consider migrating your events folder from the former bind mount method to the new method under Options -> Storage
  • You should no longer have symbolic links in your webroot folder. This resolves a long standing security issue.
  • The Apache config file has changed. This config file may or may not update automatically. This depends on what distro you are running and how you installed ZoneMinder. Please refer to the documentation for your distro to learn what specific steps are required.

Attention Package Managers

There are some fairly significant changes that must be completed to your packing scripts in order for ZoneMinder to install properly. Please contact us to coordinate the changes to your packaging scripts. A brief summary of the requirements is listed here: #2078 (comment)

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1.32.0 (2018-09-12)

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