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_ = require 'lodash'
h = require 'virtual-dom/h'
isVNode = require 'virtual-dom/vnode/is-vnode'
isVText = require 'virtual-dom/vnode/is-vtext'
isWidget = require 'virtual-dom/vnode/is-widget'
isThunk = require 'virtual-dom/vnode/is-thunk'
isComponent = require './is_component'
ZThunk = require './z_thunk'
isChild = (x) ->
isVNode(x) or
_.isString(x) or
isComponent(x) or
_.isNumber(x) or
isVText(x) or
isWidget(x) or
isChildren = (x) ->
_.isArray(x) or isChild(x)
parseZfuncArgs = (tagName, children...) ->
props = {}
# children[0] is props
if children[0] and not isChildren children[0]
props = children[0]
if children[0] and _.isArray children[0]
children = children[0]
if _.isArray tagName
return {tagName: null, props, children: tagName}
if _.isObject tagName
return {child: tagName, props}
return {tagName, props, children}
renderChild = (child, props = {}) ->
if isComponent child
return new ZThunk {component: child, props}
if isThunk(child) and child.component?
return renderChild child.component, child.props
if _.isNumber(child)
return '' + child
return child
module.exports = z = ->
{child, tagName, props, children} = parseZfuncArgs.apply null, arguments
if child?
return renderChild child, props
return h tagName, props, children, renderChild